Web Hosting Technologies That Every Web Hosts Require To Support

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Web technologies have continued to grow, and you can now choose which platforms to use while hosting your website. Different web hosts offer you an option to choose between different server-side languages, and you can also specify the database type you prefer to use for your project. However, this is not something you are guaranteed to get with all hosts, which is the reason you need to know the most important web hosting technologies that you should consider when choosing a web host. Here are hosting technologies that every web host should support.

Database Related Technologies

Having an efficient database is essential for web hosting. There are different database technologies that you could choose depending on the type of application you would like to install. Every web host should offer support for the following database-related technologies.


MS-SQL – This is a Microsoft proprietary program that allows the storage and retrieval of data. If your site includes user accounts and other features like uploads, this is the kind of database you might need.


MySQL – This is an open-source database system that gives you a robust and powerful environment. It works with all kinds of websites. It is the best solution if you don’t have a budget spared for storage of data.


Oracle – It is a popular platform for database-driven sites that receive high traffic volumes.

Website Backup

It’s also important that a web host should have a backup system for the site’s data. When searching for a web host, this is one of the points you should look at. For example, this UK hosting comparison on MangoMatter provides clear information about different hosts and shows those that offer backups for your site. Choose a host that will back up your site and restore files and data if something happens.

Security Features (SSL, Malware scans)

Security is an important factor when buying hosting. A good web host should provide SSL certificates and malware scans and removal. SSL certificates offer users a secure experience as they surf your site and all their connections are encrypted. Malware scans will ensure that malware is detected and removed before corrupting files on your site.

Server-side languages



PHP is an established server-side programming language that is used by many sites. It can be integrated with HTML codes to create a responsive and dynamic application.



This is a Microsoft developed technology that allows the creation of dynamic pages. It can be used the same way as PHP to create dynamic applications with database connections.



Rudy is another popular server site technology that is used by many developers, so check that the web host offers this if your application is based on it.

Secure Server

For security when transmitting data, Secure Server encrypts connections. It will help to improve the security of web servers.

While it’s easy to find a web host, not all hosting providers offer all the features you need to maintain a secure and fast application. There are modern technologies that every web host must provide to ensure your site is able to offer secure connections and relay data dynamically.


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