Weekend Cool Things #12

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The Arthur Egg Cup and Spoon is one of the cutest boiled egg holder that provides a warrior spirit to your forlorn breakfast table.


The PowerSpurz LED Heel Clips is a visual notification to let your presence felt when training outdoors.


The Fluttua Floating Bed by Daniele Lago is a one-legged suspension bed that gives a dramatic appearance to your bedrooms.


The Leef Access microSD Card Reader has a convenient solution to transfer files and data from any microSD card to your Android smartphones and tablets.


The Bomb Kitchen Timer is the perfect device you could place on your kitchen tops to never let your dishes enter the zone of overcooked disasters.


The Himalaya Spice Shakers adds an icy feeling to your spice holders with mountainous lid covers.


The Backflip Skateboard Shelf is an extraordinary wooden shelf designed with a fresh approach to home decor.


The HYGGE Watch – 3012 Series replaces the traditional hands of a watch with two sophisticated rotational discs.

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