We’ve Been Able To Do All The Expected Things With Uncharted 4: Naughty Dog

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Sony’s PlayStation 4 technology is similar to personal computers’ hardware and that makes it easier & less expensive for game developers to create games for PS4 – And Naughty Dos is one of those studios that had the opportunity to develop more than one game since the consoles’ launch.

Naughty Dog first remastered their action-adventure survival horror, The Last of Us for PS4 and that made it easier for them to work on their upcoming action-adventure third-person shooter, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End.

In a recent interview with Sknr, Community strategist Arne Meyer talks about how PS4 has helped them achieve various features: “There are far too many things to list! Not to mention many things we can’t talk about right now, either.

We saw a glimpse of what was possible with games on the PS4 when we developed The Last of Us Remastered and we were excited with what we could do when fully focused on developing a game from the ground up for the system.”

“We’ve been able to do all the expected things – an increase in resolution to 1080p from the previous generation, increased polygon count for our models, more advanced shader techniques, new and expanded gameplay mechanics, and so on.

Our cinematic scenes are now rendered in real-time,” said Arne Meyer.

When asked if there will be any new movements with the game compared to past games, He replied: “Going back to the gameplay demo at PlayStation Experience from six months ago, it was pretty clear that Drake’s climbing mechanics and animation got a substantial upgrade.

Climbing with Drake now has free-flowing movement to it as Drake reaches out towards potential handholds, moves towards and onto them, and then looks for the next handhold.

It looks really smooth and reduces the need to hit the jump button often unless you are really impatient.”

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End will release in March 2016 exclusively on PlayStation 4.


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