What Are the Best E-Gifts You Can Buy and Send Today?

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E-gift Ideas

The Most Popular E-gift Ideas

Almost everything now is digital, including gaming, where you can play in online casinos like VulkanBet. Because of this, there are also many digital gifts that you can give now, which saves you the hassle of shopping in malls. Today, we will share with you some of the most popular e-gift ideas you can buy.

Electronic Gift Cards

1. Electronic Gift Cards

You can buy gift cards in varying denominations, and the most popular is Amazon. Many companies offer cards, too, but then you can only use their cards for their products and only on their websites.

Amazon is the best gift card because there are millions of products that the recipient can buy. You can buy Amazon gift cards ranging from $15 to $100.

Here are some of the categories where the recipient can use the gift card:

  • Computers and electronics
  • Amazon Music and eBooks
  • Arts and crafts
  • Baby products
  • Beauty products.

After purchase, you can send it to the recipient’s email address — make sure that this is the same email address the recipient has on his Amazon account. If not, he must create an Amazon account from the email before using it to make a purchase.


2. Virtual Flowers and Birthday Cards

There are many companies that offer personalized greeting cards that you can send digitally. These cards are files that the recipient can keep forever.

In addition, you can also send these virtual cards and flowers as messages in a messaging app like Facebook Messenger.

One version of this is not actually virtual; it is just that you will order digitally. In this case, you will design the flower bouquet or choose from a preset selection, and then the company will send it to your intended recipient.


3. eBook

There are practically millions of eBooks that you can buy, and you only have to choose one title to send to somebody digitally. Amazon Kindle, by far, is the best option.

While some companies like Smashwords and Google Play Books also offer an eBook library and system, they are not as popular as Amazon. If you are unsure what eBook to buy, the alternative is to send an Amazon gift card and let the recipient decide.

Some companies that sell eBooks can send you a PDF version or an eBook in ePub format. It is a file that you can transfer. So, if you buy this, you can send the eBook file as an email attachment.


4. Master Class Subscription

You can register someone in a master class session, or any course which you think will benefit the user. A master class or online course is where the participant must attend the lessons to learn a skill.

When buying an online course, make sure you are not registering for a webinar or a virtual conference where there is a specific date ad time for the activity. Buy a course that is accessible forever.

Some websites offer a subscription, like Master Class, which costs $180 annually. You can also try SkillShare or Udemy. Just send the login credentials to the person, and he can choose what lesson he wants to learn.

This, of course, is a valuable gift, as it is educational. There are thousands of classes a person can choose on platforms like these, and the skills he would learn can even help him find employment.

Xbox Game Pass

5. Game Passes

If the people you are gifting are gamers, you can buy games for them, which they can download and play. For example, you can go to Steam and buy a game as a gift. Just follow the instructions, and you should be able to send that to the recipient.

Like Amazon, the recipient must have a Steam account. If not, he must create a Steam account using the email address to which you sent the gift. From here, the recipient must log in to the Steam account and then download and install the game on his PC.


6. Videos and Songs

You can go to sites like Fiverr and Upwork and ask someone to sing a song for your recipient. This service costs at least $5. Depending on what you want to do, the cost would vary according to length and complexity.

You can even ask people on Fiverr to jump on a river, hold a banner, and much more. The only limit to this is your imagination. What you will receive is a digital file, a video, which you can download and send to your loved one. You can also upload this video on your social media account, like Facebook or Instagram.

Digital gifts are great because you can buy them in the comfort of your home. They also help save the environment as you no longer have to buy something physically manufactured. Before you do buy, make sure you understand how to send it and what the prerequisites are.

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