What Are The Best Games For College Students?

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Video games help students to relax in between tough study sessions. They also enhance your reflexes and will improve your social skills. Can I get a helper to do my computer science homework while I play video games or just relax? Absolutely! Writing services help you to attend to other more interesting engagements instead of spending all your time holed in the library.

Personal preference determines the best video game. Some students love adventure while others want team sports. The facilities or gadgets required to play a video game will also determine its uptake. Here are excellent video games to consider for college students.


The game is also known as the Settlers of Catan. It is the perfect college board game for this generation. The people who started playing the game as students have not stopped.

Catan requires a lot of strategies. The idea is to gather all the resources possible while also trading. The aim is to take over as much of an island as possible.

Catan allows you to play in groups of 3-4 people. It comes with an extension that will accommodate more people. The game captures the attention of everyone around. Even when it is not yet your turn to play, you must maintain attention to the activities happening on the board. If you are looking for a board game to play all your life, Catan is a perfect choice.


Clue: Harry Potter Edition

Harry Potter continues to cause waves, more than a decade after the series ended. Whether you have read the book or not, Clue will immediately capture your imagination. For those who have read the book or watched the series, the game will enhance your nostalgia.

The game comes with incredible twists to the plot. You will easily be addicted to the game once you begin to solve the mysteries. It offers everything you would want in a board game. You can play alone against an AI opponent or team up with two or more friends.



Most of the games require a lot of skills. What if you found one that relied equally on luck? That is the mystery of Carcassonne that has made it one of the most popular college students games.

Carcassonne requires you to remain extremely alert while you play. It will reveal your competitive edge. It requires you to draw strategies that will win over your competitors. Further, the game unravels new mysteries and adventures at every level. It will, therefore, keep the fun going.


Forbidden Island

Surviving in such a place requires strategy and the right tools. Forbidden Island requires a lot of cooperation to win. Each player is trying to beat the other yet you must achieve common goals.

Arranging the board randomly each time keeps the game more interesting. You can choose a different level of difficulty with each game to keep things interesting. It is the challenges of each level that keep the team excited. The combination of personal strategy and teamwork brings all the excitement you need to keep your group warm.


Twilight Struggle

This is a tricky two-player game. It is not for the faint-hearted. The game will keep you occupied for up to three hours. It has a historical simulation that gives it a unique sense of depth. The complexity encoded in the game will fascinate the mind of any player who loves strategy games. It is one of the easiest games to master but difficult to play. Once you learn, there will be no stopping.

Games help you to relax and pass time, especially with friends. Once the body and mind are relaxed, you can return to your studies with vigor. Choose a game you can play alone or with friends to make the experience more exciting.

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