What Are The Best Online Casino Games For Beginners?

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The world of online casino gaming can sometimes seem a little off-putting, especially if you’re a newcomer. There are simply so many different kinds of games and options available to you that it can be difficult to know exactly where you should start. Some casino games are better beginner options than others, so whether you’re an amateur looking to have some fun or a budding professional hoping to make some real money from online casino gaming, you’ve got options. Let’s take a look at some of the best online casino games for beginners.


A note before we start: If you are a beginner looking to make it big in the world of online gambling, it’s worth remembering that the choice of website to gamble on is almost as important as the game itself. That’s why you should pick yourself a reputable, high-quality site like NorskCasinoHEX that chooses games based on good payout and reliability. It’s no good becoming a professional online gambler if you’re not picking the right places to gamble, after all. To secure your money and make sure you’re not being ripped off, gamble in the right places. You’ll be glad you did.



Most slot machines really couldn’t be simpler to understand. There aren’t any complex rules governing how slot machines work; simply pull the lever and hope for a favourable combination. The vast majority of online slot machines will tell you what combinations you’re aiming for, and they’ll also inform you how to get bonuses by hitting streaks or reaching certain milestones. Slot machines are arguably online casino gaming in its purest form; there’s no skill involved whatsoever, so if you’re a novice, this is exactly where you should start.



Roulette tables are, in some ways, a slightly more complex version of slots. Just like slot machines, you won’t actually need any physical or mental skill in order to play roulette; simply cast your bet and the dealer will do the rest. However, unlike slots, there are actually strategies involved in winning at roulette, and they can get pretty complicated depending on how deep you’re willing to delve. That’s why roulette is a great option for beginners; it offers the best combination of strategy and pure luck of any casino game, which makes it ideal for those who want the best of both worlds.



If poker and blackjack are the perfect beginner card games for casino gamblers, then craps is the ultimate way to experience dice games. The rules can seem a little complex if you’re a beginner, but the best way to get to grips with craps is simply to start playing and rolling some dice. Most online casinos will explain the rules to you before you begin, anyway, so you can take as much time as you like reading over them before you actually get started. While there are plenty of other dice games around, none of them are quite as newbie-friendly as craps is.



It’s not actually that difficult to comprehend the rules of poker. At first glance – when sitting down and first playing a game – it can feel like there are so many different rules and variations of hands that you can’t possibly know where to start. That’s not necessarily true, though. All you need to know is what constitutes a good hand in poker and how to conceal it from your opponents. In fact, when you’re playing online poker, concealing your hand – playing your “poker face” – isn’t really necessary because you usually can’t actually see your opponents. That makes online poker even more exciting than regular poker.



This is an underrated and often overlooked casino game, but it’s one that has the potential to give massive payouts with very little effort on your end. The big difference in baccarat is that there are only two hands – that of the banker and that of the player – regardless of how many people are actually playing. Once you’ve gotten your head around that particular change, baccarat is exceedingly simple but has the potential for high drama and big cash prizes. If you’re looking for a communal blackjack-style experience, look no further than baccarat.



Don’t worry – this isn’t the slightly harder to understand UK variant of blackjack, which is very similar in its ruleset to the popular game UNO and is based on another extremely popular casino game called crazy eights. Instead, you probably know blackjack simply as “21” if you’re a UK resident. The aim of the game is simple: have cards in your hand that total 21 in value. Face cards are worth ten, while ace cards are worth either eleven or one depending on how your hand is looking. That’s it – there are basically no more complex rules than that. Blackjack is easy to learn and master, but strategies are still required to win big.



Keno is a lottery-style game that’s very, very simple to understand. Here’s how it works: you choose a series of numbers on a screen – or a single number, or certain combinations of numbers – and the dealer, or software, calls twenty numbers. If your combination comes up, you win. That’s literally all there is to it. Keno is very similar in many ways to bingo, but instead of playing one number at a time, you’re playing in rounds of twenty. This game can give massive payouts if you’re lucky enough to win while you’re playing it.

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