What Are The Best Xbox One Games?

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Xbox One

When you talk about transformation or rather a comeback in the gaming entertainment world, no brand embodies it more than the Xbox One. This console came as an underdog and was seen as overpriced and chunky by many enthusiasts at the beginning. This placed it under the shadow of the more established and more popular PS4. The fact it is owned by Microsoft also did not help matters. As a result, many people see them as not having their eyes on the ball.  

However, they’ve transformed over the years. They achieved this by rolling out products that lured and attracted people the same way the True Blue casino no deposit free chip attracts gamers to casinos. They include:

  • The elegant Xbox One S; 
  • The exciting and power-packed Xbox One X continued the trend; 
  • The Xbox organization, which Phil Spencer used to ensure that gaming is placed at the center of the entire franchise, capped the effort. 

Their approach to things like cross-platform play reveals that they place gamers above everything else, and people love it. However, the transformation is not console-based alone. Because of their focus on gaming, they’ve had lots of alluring games that did a great favor to their image. Some games embodied Xbox One’s transformation more than the others, and these are worthy of mention. So, we have explained the best Xbox One games in no particular order below. Read and get enriched.

Sunset Overdrive

Sunset Overdrive

Some products become significant even before they are released because they are tied to exciting things. For example, before the arrival of Sunset Overdrive, people were already in a frenzy about it. Now at that time, the arrival of the hardware generation was not a wonderful one. All we saw were things like games as services and mega games. However, Sunset Overdrive came in full of dumb jokes, explosions that blurted BOOM, and very bright colors. 

This mapped it out as a knockout action game that not many people will like to play. However, this does not take away the fact that this game was a complete delight to play. The control system is one of the most elegant, allowing you to get excited as you bounce and dash around in the open world that many may describe as personable. This title is also as compact as you wish and bright enough to push you to explore more. It is no doubt among the best games on Xbox One.



Some may say that this game comes with a sort of crookedness. But that does not defeat the positive aspects of the title. Here, you enjoy the second life simulation and still get the chance to blow up vehicles and disappear with the cash. Furthermore, it feels like you are playing a different game altogether when you get to the online mode. Because of this, a community of dedicated people and subcultures is easily formed. This is one attribute you’d hardly see in other games.  

The online heists in GTA 5 stand above all others. The fun that it brings, even after many years, cannot be downplayed or matched by another. The game simply wanted to compete with what the cinemas offered and tried to drop an action fuelled fun in the gaming arena. The question is, did it succeed in doing these? Many people will answer in the affirmative if you ask them this.



The first of the Xbox One consoles that allowed Minecraft was the Xbox 360. Even after it was acquired by Minecraft, it still feels like the Xbox is and will remain its home. This may probably be the reason why Minecraft refused to make it a platform-exclusive game. Instead, they’ve allowed it to be open to all platforms so that people can play it on anything they want to. However, the completely original and unique attributes of the game set it apart like the top casino bonuses. 

This was an embodiment of creativity and fun for an entire generation of video game enthusiasts. Its simplicity also makes it very easy to get immersed in, even against the players’ will. When you look closely at the original mode of Minecraft, you will observe that the title also serves as a survival game. You build up yourself and your creations in readiness to defend yourself against the nighttime terrors. It’s not a game for kids, and therefore should be commended.



This is so good that many see it as one of the most popular video game titles out there. The popularity of Fortnite is not derived from being the best Battle Royale title out there but from the fact that it offers ways never seen before to engage with. You have many plays and actions to choose from here.  Without much qualms or ado, you can enjoy this game as a shooter title. You also have the chance to play it as an exploration adventure or even as a walking simulator. The playground is made very remarkable by a combination of animation and character. The incremental level system is supposed to bring about a shift in the way that video games tell their stories through their unique landscapes.

Some games are so good that they will naturally draw you in and keep you playing. Those are the type of games we’ve mentioned above. They are titles that have unique attributes that make people prefer to enjoy them. From the storyline to the genre, they have things that some other games may not have. Those are the attractions.

Don’t you enjoy graphics and sounds that make you not want to leave? Are you not captivated by games that you can easily learn and get immersed in. Do lucid and relatable game storylines give you goosebumps? Do they not make you feel some form of connection with the titles? These are things that people experience and rate games A+. The titles above have these fantastic attributes, and you can enjoy all of them on Xbox One consoles.

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