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For those few who are unaware, ‘Monster Strike’ is a highly successful puzzle and strategy game that is available to play on iOS and Android devices. The title was developed by Mixi, a Japanese social networking group, and has in fact been around now for a couple of years. During that time period, it’s estimated that the game has been downloaded millions of times- proving once more just how strong the mobile-based gaming market has become and how quickly popular titles proliferate.

According to the most recent financial report filed by the company behind the action- filled phenomenon, ‘Monster Strike’ is accountable for pulling in around $4.2 million each and every day. In fact the game has managed to accumulate a whopping $387 million between April 1st and June 30th 2015.


Incredibly the game is fundamentally a Japanese domestic hit but with these sorts of figures already being generated how long will it be before Western gamers join the party and increase Mixi’s amazing profits even further? The company are ramping up their global marketing efforts in an attempt to entice US and UK customers and some industry commentators have even suggested that if the phenomenon catches on then Monster Strike could become the next Pokemon.

This freemium puzzle game can be played by up to 4 different players in a special co-operative gameplay option but the standard game itself requires the player to earn various items of gold that can then be used in order to construct the ultimate beast. ‘Monster Strike’ incorporates elements of marbles and air hockey- type gameplay to prompt players to bounce and flick monsters on screen in order to cause damage and create various bump-related combinations to help earn bigger rewards.

Whilst the game is free-to-play for new users the reason it manages to rake in so much revenue on a daily basis is thanks to its in-game store where a player can purchase ‘Orbs’ that can be exchanged to help restore lost stamina within the game or to continue a mission even after you’ve lost.

And this ‘freemium’ model is fast becoming the most popular way in which to generate revenue from mobile gaming. At the back end of last year it was reported that Freemium games accounted for the top 25 grossing apps on Apple’s platform and this trend looks set only to continue. Industries far and wide are now exploiting the model with a plethora of operators in the iGaming industry offering free roulette so players can get a feel for the title before making a commitment to enhance their experience.

It’s important to note that not all freemium games work-out. The best titles are based on excellent and engaging content that keeps players coming back for more and more. When developers get it right, as with Monster Strike, the results speak for themselves.


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