What Gadgets To Use In Your Online Casino Game

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One of the biggest and most pertinent questions when it comes to online casino gaming is how to get the edge over your competitors. Sure, you can eke out a decent amount of money playing online casino games and never wondering how you can best those who are playing with you, but you’re simply not maximizing your potential this way. If you want to be the best online casino gamer you possibly can, then you’ll need to use a series of gadgets and another additional tech to help you get that all-important edge.

Of course, when it comes to online gaming, there are some devices and apps that are more legit than others. These rules will also change from region to region. If you’re online gambling South Africa-style, for example, the apps and extras you can use might be different from those you can take advantage of in the USA or in the UK. It’s worth bearing that in mind as we proceed, but we’ll keep this as neutral as possible. Here are the best gadgets you can use in your online casino gaming adventure.

Motorola Razr

Your smartphone 

Obviously, we’re going to go into more depth on this as we go, but a smartphone is an essential tool for you if you want to play casino games online. Not only can you use your smartphone to help you with mathematical calculations and other important numerical factors, but your smartphone also plays host to a number of excellent apps that will enhance your casino gaming experience to no end. You can even download bespoke gaming apps so you can play on the go! If you don’t have a good smartphone, you’re doomed in the modern age of online casino gaming.


Online poker remote control 

If you’ve never heard of these gadgets, they’re pretty nifty additions to your arsenal. An online poker remote control effectively allows you to place bets regardless of whether you’re actually in the room or not. You can connect to your poker game via Wi-Fi, then decide whether to make a bet on a play or not, all without even touching your PC. There are plenty available both for iOS and Android, so take your pick – they’re all pretty good. If you’re going to play online poker, the remote control is an essential gadget to have!


Full House Casino app 

Full House Casino is a game you can download right now for Android and iOS. Before we proceed, we absolutely must stress that Full House Casino does not offer the chance to play with real money. Instead, you’ll be playing entirely with virtual chips. That’s what makes this an essential app to download if you’re looking to get into the world of online gaming: you’ll be able to practice playing the games without actually spending any real money, honing your skills, and getting ready for the big time.


Blackjack card counter 

A card counting tool is essential if you want to make your way to the big leagues when you’re playing blackjack. Be aware that there may be some sites that frown on this, so be careful – for the most part, though, blackjack card counters are completely legit, so you won’t need to worry. They work by letting you know when the advantage is with you or with the house, so you know when to place bigger bets or smaller ones. Our favorite blackjack card counting tool can be found right here.


An automatic deck shuffler

While an automatic deck shuffler naturally won’t come into play when you’re gaming online, it’s an excellent way to keep your physical practice games completely fair. Most online casinos will use software to randomize the cards in a deck, meaning you’ll never need to worry about bias; however, that’s not necessarily the case in a real, physical game. You should definitely get yourself an automatic deck shuffler so that you can match the experience of online casino gaming as much as possible when playing in the real world.


A tablet device

While it may be true that tablet sales aren’t doing too well at the moment, it remains absolutely true that these devices have a devoted audience. As an online casino gamer, you should be part of that audience, especially since most of the apps you can get on your smartphone are also available on the tablet. The bigger screen will help you keep track of more information at once, and it’s much nicer to look at in the dark when gaming online is at its most exciting.

Samsung’s Virtual Reality Headset

A VR headset 

The future of gaming is VR, and online gaming is absolutely no different. Virtual reality poker is incredibly immersive and fun; it’s like you’re sitting at a real Las Vegas table, watching the dealer count out the cards and deal them out. You can also play blackjack, roulette, and other casino games in VR; we don’t think it will be long until someone creates an entire immersive Vegas suite for you to experience in virtual reality. The future of VR gaming is very exciting indeed!

These are just some of the gadgets we think are essential for a solid online gaming experience. Did we miss any? What do you think? Let us know!

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