What is a Monthly Timesheet: Document Handling Features

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A monthly timesheet is a form that every business requires. Regardless of the field of business, you must understand what you are paying your employees for. This tabular document is used to fill in the time that staff have spent at work. This is especially relevant for hourly wages.

Initially, timesheets were used for payroll purposes only. However, over time, a new function appeared for them. For example, enterprises record the time when a particular task is completed. There is also a breakdown of the work that takes place during the manufacturing of a particular product or the provision of a service. This data is used for the following purposes:

  • to evaluate the performance efficiency of specific departments and subdivisions;
  • to calculate project indicators (cost, profit, etc.);
  • to invoice clients (when the price is determined by the formula “time + work”).

The relevant data must be filled out on a daily basis. The evaluation of the overall indicators is performed at the end of the month. You do not have to use paper versions. Because of the development of IT technologies, there are specialized software programs available to users. One of them is Pandadoc. With its help you can quickly and easily draw up a document, sign it, and send it for approval to other employees.


Monthly Timesheet template: benefits of using

There are many advantages to using document management software. The Monthly Timesheet template is built into the software, which enables users to generate timesheets not from scratch but with the help of ready-to-use databases. For example, standard fields like “Date”, “Start and end time”, “Total number of hours”, etc. are already included in the form.

Tracking the working time has a positive effect on the company’s performance:

  • the expenses incurred to complete the task are reduced. This is due to the fact that you can analyze the time of work and set a specific deadline. Employees will stick to the plan;
  • unrecorded hours are excluded, which makes it possible to pay for the personnel’s work in accordance with the labor input;
  • the personnel department receives all the necessary information about the employees of the enterprise (when they are on-site, on vacation, sick, etc.). This makes it possible to monitor the employees and prevent the burnout of a particular employee.

Using the sample, you will be able to generate documents with a kind of builder. Add everything you need for quality control. Remove items you don’t think are important.


Pandadoc: popular document management software

Despite the fact that timesheets are not designed according to specific standards, they should still be maintained at the company. There is nothing easier than generating it with the help of Pandadoc. For this purpose, you need to:

  • download the software and create an account;
  • log in to your profile and proceed to generate documents;
  • choose a template or create a timesheet from scratch;
  • enter email addresses of the persons whose signatures should be present in the document;
  • save the completed timesheet and send it to the authorized employees for approval.

If necessary, configure the sequence for the document to be sent to related parties for review and approval. You can also make it accessible for approval in real-time. For convenience, you can view the current information, for instance, who has already viewed and signed the timesheet. Using the software is easy and comfortable. Each and every detail has been thought out here, so you will reduce the time spent on simple tasks.




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