What is Cryptocurrency Trading and How to Become a Professional Trader?

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Crypto trading is the way to earn money online by buying and selling assets on the crypto market. This way of earring is more challenging than it seems. Successful traders go through mistakes and losses before becoming professionals. In this article, we will talk about the main compliments of successful crypto trading and mention the platform where you can convert popular pairs such as ETH BTC instantly.

Understanding Crypto Trading

To understand how crypto trading works, it is necessary to learn strategies:

  • Trades can happen in a few seconds – positions are opened and closed instantly. This type of trading requires automated bots.
  • Intraday trading – opening and closing positions within 24 hours.
  • Swing – takes a few weeks to close the position.
  • Position trading – a long-term investment that may take from some months to years.

Every trader chooses an appropriate method for trading cryptocurrency. If one is not ready for dynamic actions and risk, one picks a long-term investment option, giving enough time to reflect and analyze the market to make the right decision.

How to Become a Professional?

Here are some valuable tips:

  • Always adhere to your strategy
  • Do not be guided by emotions
  • have enough practice
  • Start with small amounts
  • Do not invest your last money
  • Do not borrow funds for investments.

To practice trading cryptocurrency, welcome to the WhiteBIT exchange. It allows you to use demo tokens and try different strategies and tools to improve your skills and fill knowledge gaps before trading in real markets. Simultaneously, you may read the WhiteBIT blog and get a step-by-step manual on different financial instruments. It also published interesting articles and the latest news from the crypto industry to follow and stay updated with the latest trends.

WhiteBIT is an exchange with high liquidity, allowing instant conversion of crypto pairs.

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