What is Esports? A Guide To Competitive Gaming

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Esports is the term used to define competitive gaming at a professional level, with the high-ranking esports players often being the best in the world at their personal favorite game. Competitive gaming isn’t a new idea by any means, but the concept of having professional video gamers whose day job is playing through competing is similar to traditional sports, at least in the modern world. If you’re a beginner when it comes to esports, this guide will help you understand the meaning: What is esports?

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What is esports?

esports is a competitive-level video gaming competition. It’s teams of people games against each other and all this happens on a very professional level, winning enormous sums of money as prizes. These esports players are engaged to play for a mixture of different organizations, Just like a basketball or football player would be. These teams practice and fight in their particular game just as any other sportsperson would too. It all depends on the game they play – from action shooters such as Counter-Strike: Global Offensive esports or the Call of Duty esports to the number of other genres like sports games and now fan-favorite battle royale games – there will many tournaments and events every year with millions of dollars in prizes for the win.

Every competing esports organization will usually have a number of companies in their ranks across various games.


How does a game become an esport?

Any multiplayer game can be turned into an esport, although nearly all of the most significant games right now such as Dota 2 esports and Overwatch esports simply started, first and foremost, to be fun and interesting to play. A competitive scene develops over time, with the help of both game developers and community help and assistance.

There are two factors that play important roles in helping a game to turn into an esport and that is fun, and replayability. The first is simply because if a video game isn’t exciting to play, then it’s not going to be fun to watch and gamers will lose interest in the game quickly. On the other hand, there is also an important factor is balance, which is key because otherwise, the game grows uninteresting. For example, if one gun was completely better than all of the others in Counter-Strike, no one would use anything else except that gun and each game match would be repetitive, to say the least. One instance of an about-perfect experience with regard to balance is Rocket League esports. Everyone is on an equal playing field from the car, which has a negligible impact on gameplay nevertheless- it results in a game that is suitable and accessible for newcomers since it’s just football with cars that can fly.


How to start following esports

There is no catch-all answer to tune in to esports competitions, but the strong majority will be streamed on Twitch. To watch the particular events taking place, the website Esports Calendar is a very reliable resource that reveals most events occurring for the influential games in the esports industry. Almost every single esports event streamed live, whether it’s the most significant annual competition or a regional qualifier for an esports competition.

Most of the streams can be watched via the “watch” button on the side of each event, but the calendar also reveals the top games. For other games, simply google the game name with “esports”, and you’ll be taken to the right place.


How to start participating in esports

Many of the games will have ranked modes and there are also playlists you can hop into via the game itself. You’ll be matchmade with others gamers online and at times– but not always – this form will have somewhat different laws than the regular game, with some limitations or timer intervals. Mostly though, it’ll be the title you’re most familiar with.

If you always win at the ranked play, there’s a good opportunity you’re ready to perform the step up. This is where every game varies because video games that have first-party esports assistance from the developer will have a simple and uncomplicated method to play, just like Fortnite’s tournament system.

Other fan-favorite games such as Call of Duty and Rocket League will work on third-party platforms like Gamebattles, esports betting sites, or FACEIT to give esports services. All services are the same, by providing leagues and tournaments for gamers to battle in. There are some differences in how each one works, but the essence of it is you can connect your online ID, doesn’t matter if it’s PSN, Xbox Live, or one of the PC settings. From there, you can join in for leagues and search for a match. Don’t worry about if it feels like a big commitment; free-to-enter leagues will normally work on a “play when you want” source, rather than scheduled match-ups. There is often money involved on offer and if your end aim is to fight at LAN events in person, you need to establish yourself as a pro in these online matches.

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