What is Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

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Trials of Osiris in Destiny 2

Multiplayer Shooter Destiny 2 has a new PVP mode – Trials of Osiris. This is a unique challenge for players that can be obtained from the vendor Saint-14. Becomes active from Friday to Tuesday, opening access to valuable rewards, resources, and equipment. The quality of the items directly depends on the results of the test, so it is recommended to go there prepared and with a high level of strength.

If you don’t have enough experience in the Osiris, use the help of boosters. Your character will be taken to a squad with high ranks, which will greatly simplify the passage and killing of Guardians in raids. The transfer function is provided accounts that destiny 2 boosting another user plays for you. This will not only increase the chance of winning the raid but also speed up the leveling of your hero.


Features of Trials of Osiris

When Trials of Osiris, the merchant Saint-14 has 5 options in his inventory:

  • Mercy – always available, allows one defeat during the raid;
  • Ferocity – always available, after the third victory an additional bonus is given;
  • Wealth – unlocked after 5 wins in a row, increased rewards for round completion and winning streak;
  • Wisdom – opens after 7 victories in a row, increased experience is accrued;
  • Confidence – a flawless passage is required, and at the end of the raid, a special chest with the most valuable reward appears.

By purchasing a ticket from an NPC, you can queue up to go on a raid. The system logs all your visits, but the first one is the most important. If you lose the first round, you will no longer be able to hope for a flawless passage.

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Gameplay Trials of Osiris

Trials of Osiris is a hardcore knockout mode with two teams of three. Your task is to destroy the enemy group. Each character has only one life, but until he finally died, you can interact with his body and try to resurrect him. If both teams are still alive at the end of the time, a capture point will appear. It is necessary to take possession of this place, and then victory is counted. But if even after the capture point the winner is not determined, the round ends in a draw. The winner in Trials of Osiris is the one who wins five rounds.

The tests are based on the “Liquidation” mode. The developers have balanced the game rounds so that during the battle there is no “snowball” effect when one team completely dominates the other. The matchmaking system tries to find players based on their skill level by averaging the scores of the three-team members. But that doesn’t rule out the chance that you can land against a strong team with a flawless run when you already have a few losses in your stats.

Flawless Trials of Osiris

As far as Flawless is concerned, it’s very much appreciated by players who want to dress their character in the best gear. When you pass seven tests without a single defeat, a special zone “Lighthouse” will open for you. It contains a chest that contains perks and modifiers for weapons of the Adepts, high Trials armor, unique weapons, and resources. Newcomers entering the Lighthouse for the first time will receive emblems to change the look of their armor.

If you want to get rare Beacon rewards, but don’t have the skills and time for long tests, a well-coordinated team of boosters will solve this problem. Professional players will help you pass the test at an impeccable level because the most important thing is not to be any defeats. Therefore, your participation in the challenge will not create any ballast for the players.

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