What (ISC)2 CISSP Exam Objectives Are and How Effective Practice Tests Are in Understanding Them

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The knowledge of domains for exams is an essential aspect of the proper preparation for them. This is because they correspond to specific areas in which candidates ought to show their levels of grasp. Author: Ellin J to note that acing the exam topics is important not just for passing your test but also for evaluating potential job requirements and getting ready to satisfy them. Thus, this guide looks at what the CISSP exam objectives are and how to hone your security skills with practice tests to win the namesake badge. Let’s get started then.


Understanding (ISC)2 CISSP Objectives

The CISSP assessment spins around eight domains including their explanations. And for your consideration, here are those topics to master to earn the Author: Rosanna K :

  • Security and risk management

This CISSP objective covers things to do with integrity, confidentiality, and availability. It also includes principles of governance, compliance requirements, legal issues and regulations concerning information security, and professional ethics. Other sub-domains involve implementing security policies, procedures, standards and guidelines, requirements for Business Continuity, and risk management.

  • Asset security

In the asset security part, the Author: Marian L seeks to make you aware of information as well as assets and their maintenance alongside ownership. You’ll also look at privacy protection, proper retention of assets, controls for data security, and handling requirements for information.

  • Security architecture and engineering

This domain for the Author: Leah Z implementing and managing engineering processes, basic concepts for security models, system controls, and information system security capabilities. It also takes candidates through vulnerabilities of architectures, composition, and solution elements for security. You’ll also know the approaches for mitigating vulnerabilities in mobiles, web-based systems, and embedded devices.

  • Communication and network security

This section covers the securing of architectures and network components. It also deals with security for communication channels based on design.

  • Identity & access management

Through this topic, the Author: Georgina X delves into how to control asset access physically and logically. It’s also for learning management of identification as well as authentication targeting people, devices as well as services.

  • Security assessment and testing

This CISSP domain is focused on designing and validating assessment, test as well as audit strategies. It also captures testing for security control, collecting data for security processes, analyzing test output & generating reports, and conducting security audits.

  • Security operations

This exam objective includes supporting investigations, conducting and monitoring activities, and provisioning resources securely. It also involves incident management and maintaining measures for detection. Other sub-topics here are prevention, vulnerability management, disaster recovery, physical security, and safety for personnel.

  • Software development security

This is another objective that Author: Naomi C must be aware of. It encompasses integrating security for software development and applying controls in the development environments.


Use These Materials to Hone Your Skills for CISSP

Applicants for the CISSP exam must study the above-mentioned domains using diverse approaches like prep courses and study guides. They also should learn how to effectively work through them with the help of practice tests. With online uploads for the actual (ISC)2 CISSP by past applicants who did and passed this test, the process of earning your CISSP certification becomes smooth and reliable.

Setting aside regular periods to study the CISSP objectives helps review the content for this assessment well. In addition, your prep should be of high intensity and based on what you’d like to achieve. It this is the (ISC)2 CISSP badge, then utilize practice tests to master all the exam topics. Wishing you a worthwhile learning experience!

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