What Job Opportunities Are There In The iGaming Sector In Malta?

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The iGaming sector in Malta has grown at an unprecedented rate in the last few years, opening up a flood of new career opportunities for young people.

There is such a high demand for iGaming careers in Malta that the local workforce just isn’t enough to fulfill all of the available vacancies. Some of the most valuable skills that iGaming businesses are looking for include software development, digital marketing, IT security and graphic designing to name but a few.

Research also shows that there’s a high demand for multilingual employees that can speak languages like Japanese, Portuguese, Finish, Danish, German, and Swedish, etc. That’s because most of the world’s biggest igaming firms come from the Asian and Scandinavian regions.

The following opportunities are what you can look forward to if you’re interested in a career in the iGaming sector:

  • Service jobs:

Customer service is an important part of any business and the igaming sector is no different. A lot of igaming companies have their service teams in Malta close to where their business is.

Being a customer service agent is a great entry-level job for young people that want to dip their feet in the igaming industry. However, most see it as a temporary career move and people are constantly arriving and leaving customer service jobs which makes it a hotbed of constant opportunity.

As a customer service agent, you’ll basically act as the voice of the igaming brand that you work for and deal with the press and customers alike on behalf of the company.

This means you’ll have to be knowledgeable about the company so that you can answer any and all customer queries that come your way. This particular position also requires a lot of patience and perseverance to make sure that the customer is happy at the end of their conversation with you.

  • iGaming marketing:

Like any industry, the igaming sector relies on marketing in order to attract new clientele. Some of the may digital marketing job opportunities that are available include social media managers, copywriters, content creators, campaign managers, search engine optimization (SEO) specialists, Pay per Click (PPC) specialists and VIP managers to name but a few.

  • Sportsbook professional:

As a  sportsbook professional, you’ll be responsible for developing new sportsbooks for the igaming company. This means you’ll need to have a thorough understanding of all the relevant algorithms and technological development in the industry, as well as the manpower required to import content that will help you hook new sportsbook punters.

Some of the skills you’ll need to have as a sportsbook professional include a comprehensive knowledge of different types of sports. You need to have a calm and balanced personality that allows you to work well under pressure because live events will throw you unexpected curveballs all the time.  

It’s also important that you possess good communication skills because you’ll be managing relationships with different stakeholders within the igaming company that you’re working for.

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  • Compliance:

As a compliance officer, your job will be to make sure that the company you work for is in full compliance with all of the different rules and regulations that are relevant to the igaming industry. This involves making sure that your marketing campaigns are only exposed to the target customer as per the latest gambling advertising regulations.

You’ll also need to develop systems and guidelines to ensure that all the content in your marketing and other materials are compliant to these and other regulations.

Some of the most important skills that you should have as a compliance officer include a thorough knowledge of the igaming industry, be well-informed about the latest rules and regulations, as well as those of any related sectors such as banking, alcohol and tobacco sectors. Pay attention to detail to make sure that you don’t miss an aspect of the company’s practices that might cost the company later on. 

  • CRM marketing:

Customer retention is much easier for businesses than customer acquisition, so it’s important for igaming companies to constantly work on retaining the customers they have. As a CRM professional your role is to make sure that the customer is always happy by creating amazing customer experiences that will keep players coming back for more.  

Some of the most important skills that you need to have as a CRM marketer include creativity, innovation, confidence, ambition, empathy and a genuine interest in making the customer happy.

There are tons of job opportunities in the iGaming sector in Malta, and this is mainly due to the fact that there are currently 200 iGaming companies operating in the country at the moment.

All of these different organizations need to be powered by a considerable workforce and the positions mentioned in this article are some of the most in-demand yet. Although industry experience is a plus, lack thereof won’t significantly sabotage your chances of getting a job in the iGaming sector in Malta.

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