What Makes PC Gaming Better Than Console Gaming

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As we move forward in this era of fast technological advancements and innovations in all sectors like fitness gears, tech, home etc., the gaming industry has not been left behind in this race of development. Whether you want to buy a new gaming pc or a new console, both of them comes with great features and specs to give each other a tough competition and grab the attention of its user in a best possible way by giving them better games collection, good playing experience and much more.

When going out for buying a device you should evaluate your thoughts before making a firm decision about the device you want to buy for gaming. Ask yourself is it worth my money, would it give me good gameplay and what about the tech support and problems troubleshooting, before making a decision for buying a pc or console for gaming.

Here we tend to discuss some points which would help you decide your next gaming machine easily.

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Price Point

We all know that gaming pc can be expensive and sometimes cheap too, depending on your requirement and zest to play different types of games on the pc, it can set you back with several thousand for a really high end one or you can choose a low-end pc for light gaming for hundreds. if you buy a pre-built gaming pc then it would cost you more than a self-assembled one which requires a lot of tech support and expertise.Even In developing countries like India you can buy the Best laptop under 35000 INR which would be sufficient for playing decent games and fulfil your purpose for long time even for female gamers who love to play cooking games like Order Up by super Villain studios, Skyrim recipe mods, cooking academy in which you need to make learn cooking in different appliances like best cooking grills, toasters, ovens, fryers etc. in spite of buying a console which would become obsolete after couple of years for both men and women.

Taking in consideration gaming consoles like Nintendo swift, play station or Xbox their initial cost is low when compared to gaming PC’s which makes it’s quite affordable than high-end gaming pc but its games cost more and don’t go on sale often and after some time you may feel that you are limited to number of games to play on your console as the gaming library console is smaller than pc.

So overall I think pc would be the machine you should buy if price is not an issue and you tend to keep it working for longer as then it would pay for itself in terms of cheap games cost which go on sale often for playing games from wider variety of selection and usage of pc for another work purpose also which can’t be done In consoles.

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Multi-Player Support

Both gaming pc and consoles provide multiplayer gaming support, but there’s a thin line between what they offer .on a gaming pc playing online multiplayer games is always free provided you don’t consider exceptions like final fantasy xxiv which requires paid account and you can connect different types of joysticks and controllers too for playing multiplayer with your buddies on a sofa couch.

when you buy a console like Xbox, ps4 etc. then you need to pay for the yearly membership for the online services like PlayStation plus or Xbox live which start from $60 or something similar which is considered as additional cost you would have to bear if you buy a console and want to play online with friends in other countries or city online.

Although these services comes with some more additional perks like online storage, gaming points, social connect, changing games but still I think most of the people won’t like to shell out extra money just for playing online multiplayer game on your console which leaves us to the choice of buying a nice gaming laptop or pc with little extra upfront cost to get peace of mind and good multiplayer online games like war craft 2, fitness games like Zumba fitness, VR wide run, Nike+ Kinetic Training involving gear like boxing gloves, battle ropes, best spinner bike and many more fitness props and machines which seems to be the future of gaming without paying yearly subscription fees.

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Graphics Quality

In this area, we know that pc stands out even after the recent news that upcoming PlayStation and XBOX ONE X will be supporting the 4k resolution with HDR and advanced color density pixels because we already have this kind of gaming experience for years now on pc and laptops.

Moreover, laptops and pc with nice graphics cards give us much more detailed pictures quality and options of controlling the game’s graphics with higher color gamut, pixel density, transition details, frame rate and much more than what any kind of new or old console has to give in terms of good graphics.

So here the verdict is clear as water that a nice mid-range gaming pc can definitely compete fairly with its counterparts like PlayStation, Xbox and other similar console and a high-end gaming pc with better graphics can blow the competition far away in every possible comparison you would think off.



Now its time to choose your gaming device and it all comes to your perception of choosing what suits your needs and budget. You need to make a wise choice after looking at all the factors discussed above.

If you would ask me what would I choose, then it would be of course a solid gaming pc which would last longer and with 4k screens becoming cheaper I can easily connect it with the 4k TV and play games in 4k with best gaming headset to get mind-blowing experience even when you are working out in morning or evening on fitness gear like best elliptical, spin bikes, rowers, etc. but in case I don’t have enough money to spend on my passion for gaming and want to play only some nice games and don’t have time to learn the detailed pc stuff and contacting tech support for issues like graphics drivers ,card installations and fixing the pc problems which might arise at later stage then I would definitely buy a nice console without a second thought .


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