What Should Fans Expect From Diablo IV?

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Diablo 4

Last month, after much anticipation from eager fans, Diablo IV was finally announced, along with a whole host of new features and exciting gameplay not seen before in the franchise. Although the game doesn’t have an official release date yet, there are many fans who are eager to know when. The Diablo IV update takes on the darker, more morbid aesthetic of the earlier games, and the cinematic trailer released last month proved that this was one game that fans have been waiting a long time for. The Diablo 4 trailer unveiled at BlizzCon, sets the scene by showing three weary treasure hunters accidentally resurrecting Lilith, the ultimate evil. During the gameplay trailer, we were introduced to three of the five classes that will be available in Diablo IV, showing the return of the druid alongside the barbarian and the sorceress.

Nowadays, real-life blacksmiths sometimes tend to forge houseware items such as iron curtain poles and kitchen racks, but the forges of Diablo are a little bit different. One of the franchise’s main draws is the staggering amount of gear players can accumulate throughout their quest, but changes are coming for the 4th installment. Some fans will be shocked to discover that ancient items are no more. Instead, the developers have opted for a different system that they hope will encourage different styles of gameplay. This consists of players being able to earn a consumable that will allow the option to pair a non-legendary weapon with a legendary affix, allowing players to essentially create their own legendary items.

Diablo IV

New stats will be available

There are also three new stats coming to Diablo IV: Ancestral Power (increases the chance of on-hit effects), Angelic Power (increases the duration of all beneficial effects), and Demonic Power (increases the duration of all negative effects). The developers expressed their hope that, with these changes, the strength of any affixes should no longer be dwarfed by legendary powers, and affixes themselves will allow the players to select more unique and varied choices when it comes to their style of gameplay.

Diablo IV

The introduction to a new shared world

To play Diablo IV, you will need to be connected to the internet at all times, allowing for key online features to be added to the game. One of these features is the new shared world, which allows players to see each other as they move about the world. This means that dungeons will be more instanced for solo and party players, and towns and safe areas will be more populated by other players. It should also be noted that outside of dungeons the difficulty levels will be scaled so friends can play together no matter what stage they’re at in the game.

Diablo 4

How player feedback has influenced Diablo VI

Despite being shown in all its glory during its initial announcement, Diablo IV is still very much in the middle of production, with developers saying we will not see the finished result for a long time to come. After getting player feedback, developers said they will be working hard to ensure that all player needs are met to ensure that the consumer gets the best possible game. One concern that some players raised upon playing the demo was the lack of use for Ancients in Diablo IV, which developers have already taken on, saying that they will be revisiting their designs with all feedback in mind. For fans who want to hear more about the system design in Diablo IV, Blizzard has some useful articles that provide an insight into some of the most talked-about topics.

So while we’re still going to have to wait a while to get our hands on Diablo IV, it’s a very promising announcement, and fans should expect more updates as the game continues being developed. With developers focusing so intently on fan feedback, however, it appears that Diablo IV is going to be a welcome addition to the Diablo franchise.

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