What To Blow $8,000 on This ‘Game of Thrones’-Themed Samsung Galaxy Fold

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Game of Thrones Themed Samsung Galaxy Fold

If you think $2,000 price tag for a Samsung is not high enough, the masters of excess at Caviar have something even ridiculous for you and I am sure even the stars of the show won’t buy a single one. They’ve made up a limited edition inspired by George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. Caviar is planning to sell it for over four times the price of the retail Galaxy Fold. Yes, for just shy of $8,200 you can own one of these charming works of stupidity. Caviar’s upgrades to the Fold’s outer shell include carbon fiber, leather, and gold.

This doesn’t seem like a particularly prudent time to go pitching pre-orders for an ultra-high-end version of the Galaxy Fold. Samsung has delayed the device’s release indefinitely after its review units experienced a series of dramatic failures.

The failure prompted Samsung to cancel all pre-orders from would-be buyers unless they specifically opted in. Best Buy has now revealed that all pre-orders placed at their stores have been canceled, as well.

If you are a kind of person who doesn’t see spending $8200 on a phone as a big deal then maybe you’re not all that bothered with possible pitfalls like screens that fail after a day or protective coatings that peel off.

You could always just prepare for the worst and buy all six of the caviar version that is available to the public. Not the seventh one, however. Caviar has promised to ship that one to Martin.

You’ll have to wait until Caviar puts the page back up to place a pre-order, however. It was yanked offline shortly after the YouTube teaser was released.

If you don’t know about Caviar, it is a Russian company which is known for making expensive phones ridiculously more expensive. Their candy bar-style Tsarphones start at around $2900 and that’s for the least flashy model that highlights an alligator leather back cover.

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