What To Consider When Creating Your Ultimate Games Room: Our Top Tips

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Games Room

Gamers need space. As gaming technology has advanced, and dedicated gamers build ever-expanding collections of classic games and consoles, more people are creating custom gaming spaces for their playing pleasure.

Before you grab the pots of paint and start planning out your console connections, there are some important things to consider if you want to level up your games room. Look at our top tips for the cheat codes that will get you the ultimate games room from day one.


Set The Tone Early

If an ultimate games room does not look the part, it will not be the part. Games rooms are a terrific addition to any home, but if they do not scream ‘videogames!’ when you walk in, it will look like any other room in the house. Games are loud and fun, and the room should be too.

The first addition to any growing games room should be a bartop arcade machine. These are not just a wonderful way to play arcade classics, they also help set the tone of the games room and let everyone know just what this room is for. They are functional furniture that is decorative too.

Nothing says ‘games room’ like a bartop arcade machine, with its old-school joysticks and the lengthy list of classic games you can play.

Games Room

Make A Gaming Space

In any games room, you need a place to sit and relax and play your favourite games on retro and modern consoles. Whether you intend to use an emulator to enjoy the games of the 80s, 90s, and 2000s or you have a curated collection of retro consoles, you need a place for you and your friends to play in.

You may think a sofa or two will do the job, plonked in front of a huge flatscreen TV, but there are other options. Big bean bags, excessively big ones, are the perfect gaming chairs. They are infinitely adjustable and are comfy over long hours of gameplay. Better yet, they are easy to move around. If you need some extra space, you can pile them up in a corner.


Use Accessories For Decoration

Posters, prints, and pictures are all great additions to a gaming room wall. You have an opportunity to highlight your favourite games and characters and add a huge amount of colour to the space. You can even create your own custom wall stickers. Do not stop at framed pics and promotional posters, there is much more that you can do.

There are plenty of videogame peripherals that can also make excellent and functional decorations. Hanging up your pads, or some classic controllers from retro consoles is a great look. Better yet, if you have some quirky joypads and devices, you can place them on shelves on hooks to show them off.

The guitar controllers for games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band look great hanging on a wall, like guitars in a recording studio or a musician’s home.

Games Room

Add Retro Tech

If you are planning to play some retro classics on their original consoles, you made need some additional retro tech. Some of the best games from the days gone by will play better on an old-school CRT television. These are a must if you want to play some classic light gun games.

Duck Hunt, Nintendo Super Scope 6, Time Crisis, all these amazing classics used a light gun system for their gameplay, and these do not work with modern flatscreen TVs. They need the reflective glass surface of big old ‘tube’ television, so if you are thinking of dusting off the NES Zapper or the Sega Menacer you need a retro TV sitting in a corner somewhere.


Get A Custom Cabinet

Your set-up is yours, no one else’s. No matter how much searching you do, online or on foot, you will not be able to find the perfect premade cabinet or cupboards to suit and show off your collection. Whether you have a small budget or money is no obstacle, you should invest in some customised cabinetry for your ultimate games room.

For budget-minded gamers, shelving is a cheaper option than a cabinet. If you are handy with a toolbox as well as an Xbox, you can cut down cheap shelves and use extra fixings to give each console its own place on your wall.

Drill holes at the back end so you can pass cables through and keep them tidy. Add some subtle and low-cost LED strip lighting that can turn some cheap shelves into a games room feature wall.

The more you spend, the bigger and better your console cabinets can look. You can hide games away in drawers, each made to fit the cartridges and cases for every type of game for a minimalist and tidy look.

These top tips should help you craft the ultimate games room. Get some gaming accessories, and classic arcade platform, and some custom cabinetry and you have made the right start.

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