What to do when you are not able to climb the ladder on League of Legends?

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League of Legends

League of Legends is basically not hard to understand the main goal is to destroy the enemy nexus by conquering the map.

But what is more difficult is to find cooperative teammates, through the matchmaking, who can keep a positive perspective.

Then you have the feeling that your elo is not evolving even if you focus on every game and try as much as you can.

More people than you think are in this situation, but you don’t need to be worried! Yes, you can escape from it.

League of legends

Study your previous games

On the LoL client, download the replay of a game where you didn’t get why you lost it or you didn’t manage to push your lead efficiently and note everything you did wrong (be objective!).

So you can take a step back on the whole game to see what you have missed while playing.

League of Legends 2015 World Championship

Choose elo boost

Anyone could find very quickly a boosting website, but it is recommended to see the features of each one. In all cases, you have to keep everything under control, can be a great option to choose if you are looking for the best professional game boosting services.

Remember to track your order, and match history regularly. Concerning the prices, there can be a difference between websites because the boosters are not earning the same.

If you are surprised to see very cheap prices, then the reason is probably that the boosters earn a higher percentage of each order.

So as you can see a cheap service doesn’t mean a bad one.

Whether it is by analyzing a thousand replays or directly buying an elo boost you won’t belong there for so long. When choosing this last option, then be suspicious of the services.

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