What To Do When Your Gamertag Is Lost

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Since the early days of online gaming, players have always strived to find humorous and interesting usernames to display in online lobbies. Some show extreme creativity when trying to bypass profanity filters which can provide for some pretty wacky outcomes, assuming you don’t get reported and banned!

With the introduction of centralised online gaming networks like Steam, Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, gamers have had the luxury of being able to create a single account and use it across all of the video games they play online.

For Xbox Live, in particular, the online username that players assign to their account is known as a Gamertag. The launch of the Xbox 360 saw the rise of Xbox Live in the mainstream gaming market and with it, a lot of interest around finding friends and building communities within the online network. The best usernames were quickly snapped up!

Dealing With Gamertag Expiration

For those who have played their Xbox regularly since purchasing, you may be unaware that your Gamertag is lost if you do not log into Xbox Live for a long period of time. It is used as a way to free up the Gamertags of accounts that have been abandoned and are no longer used. The unfortunate result is that awesome Gamertag that you once had may be lost and if someone else has taken it since you will no longer be able to recover it!

If you sign in to Xbox Live for the first time in a very long time, you may find that the awesome name that once dominated the lobbies of Halo 3 is a long lost memory.

Getting the creative juices flowing can be difficult when you just wanted to join your friends for a quick multiplayer session. You can always make use of an Xbox Gamertag generator to quickly come up with something good. Even if you do not get what you want, the suggestions from these tools can be enough to get your brain going and give you the idea that you needed.

The good news is that Microsoft does not charge you to change your Gamertag if your old one has expired. It might even be good news for some as you can get rid of that stupid name that twelve-year-old you thought was hilarious. With years of gaming wisdom behind you, a new name can be a much better reflection of you as a gamer and something you won’t end up disliking so much in the years to come.


Log Into Xbox Live to Avoid Losing Your Gamertag

Even if you do not play your Xbox much anymore, you need to ensure you log into Xbox live to avoid losing your Gamertag in the future. If you have jumped ship to PC, you can log in from here. Gamepass is available on PC and maybe something that is a treasure trove of amazing games, waiting for you to enjoy.

PlayStation does have an integration with Xbox Live through Minecraft which may be a way for you to keep the Gamertag alive if you no longer have an Xbox at all. If all else fails, make use of the handy mobile apps that Microsoft has for Xbox Live.

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