What To Upgrade CPU vs GPU

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When it comes to gaming setups some questions are easily answered, whereas others may be more difficult. One of the more difficult questions is which do I upgrade? The CPU or the GPU? All modern computers now come with both the CPU and the GPU, but whether you are on a budget or just aren’t sure where to start, don’t worry we can help.


What Is A CPU?

The CPU is the central processing unit found in your PC; may people refer to it as the brain of the entire machine. It is the primary piece of equipment for running engineering and office software if you use it. Whilst CPU’s have come a long way in the last 10 years, it is still possible to task load them and overburden them, this is where the GPU comes in.


What Is A GPU?

A GPU is a graphics processing unit, it is this unit that is responsible for rendering images. It’s a very specialised type of microprocessor that alleviates the CPU of the burden of having to render images quickly. GPU’s are so effective at rendering graphics due to the manner in which they are constructed. They are designed to handle multiple functions at the same time and can be far more efficient than the CPU’s due to their architecture. GPU’s are not just used for gaming; they are also used in big data analysis due to their handling capability.


Why Would I Upgrade My CPU?

The more memory you give a CPU, the better it will operate, but the older your machine gets and the more you upgrade everything around it, eventually you would need a more powerful CPU. Sometimes it can be difficult to tell when to upgrade your CPU but if you find that your PC is running slow during gaming or seems to lag, check the processing power of your CPU, if you find yourself running towards 100%, then maybe it is time to consider an upgrade.


Why Would I Upgrade My GPU? 

If you find that gaming has now become something similar to looking at a PowerPoint presentation, it may be time to upgrade your GPU. The GPU is the unit that is reasonable for rendering graphics quickly to give you a smooth and seamless gaming experience, but if you are finding that your computer seems to be struggling then it may be something to consider.

Cyberpunk 2077 Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti


If your computer seems to be running ok but you are wanting to upgrade a component before the latest game release, which component do you upgrade? Well, if you really aren’t sure, the type of game may well have an impact. If you enjoy MMPORGS such as World of Warcraft, then upgrading the CPU may give you better gameplay. This is also true of first-person shooter games, most recommend that at a minimum you have a CPU that has 4 cores and 8 threads (the standard size of a CPU is 4 cores and 4 threads), so if you enjoy these types of games and you are at the bottom end of the ladder of CPU processing size, then look to upgrade yours.

Most of the new games available on the market today require a huge amount of processing power from the GPU. Upgrading the GPU isn’t always as straightforward as upgrading the CPU. Whilst there are arrays of good mid-level products for GPU’s, you need to make sure that your hardware has the capability of matching the speed that the image can be rendered in. If your screen is outdated, then there is little point in upgrading your GPU until you have upgraded that. If you have a solid monitor that is capable of processing over and above 1080p, then you may consider a high-end graphics card, whilst this will take a lot of the work of the CPU, you must make sure that your computer is capable of running it. Likewise, 1080p is the minimum resolution for a monitor, so you will need to consider investing in 4k technology.

If money wasn’t an object, upgrading all of your software and hardware would be the best outcome, but in reality, that isn’t an option for many. If you are not a competitive gamer and simply do it for a hobby and to wind down, then a mid-range GPU will make all the difference if you already have a good CPU. Likewise, if you already have a good GPU, a CPU can make all the difference to your gaming. Upgrading a GPU will take the burden off a CPU that isn’t performing as you expect and can help increase the look of the game as well as the movement of it. Finally, if you have the money, why not upgrade both to midrange processors to help make you make future proof.

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