What Will Online Slot Graphics Be Like in the Next Ten Years?

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The current age of rapidly advancing technology has a lot of fields’ future looking brighter than ever before. Luckily, the world of gaming sits at the heart of this revolution and benefits from advances in nearly every area. The steps taken in artificial intelligence, computer automation, and a myriad of other fields when it comes to the development of games like Wild Life slots make it seem like the future is already with us. However, online gaming software developers are hardly slowing down. If anything, they are getting ready to run on full throttle. As a gamer, there is a lot you can look forward to in the next generation of slot graphics that are likely to be explored in the next decade.


Diverse Settings

If the past is anything to learn from, it has shown us that even the most standard of elements in pokies can change. As online gaming software developers continue to explore visual ideas beyond simple 5×3 grid creations, players will have a lot more scenarios to explore other than the conventional playtable. This revolution has already begun with pokies like Dungeon: Immortal Evil. In the slot, punters get to play a white-haired hero as he explores the bowels of hell and slays any monsters he finds along the way. The set is the first to apply the RPG element, and its widespread success with the online masses is bound to see it used by other software companies.

The diversity of settings is expected to apply with the delivery of slot themes as well. With gamblers more focused on entertainment value more than ever, slot providers are continually pushing the limits of the storylines that they can wrap their games around. For instance, the Fruitz slot by Foxium blends the popular fruit and zombie themes to create something that cannot be found elsewhere. Such unique blends are expected to grow wilder as time goes by.


More Realism

When comparing the first age of slot games to the options laid out today, the differences are staggering. The industry has taken truly incredible steps in making images cleaner using 3D graphics, intense storylines, and character animations. However, even having come this far, the imagery featured in slot game lacks some realism. The next decade comes with the promise of achieving a lot more realism with game animations in more than one way, including:

  • AI-based animations: Even though game designers have in the past been able to render photorealistic characters, their movements have yet to be perceived as real. The AI revolution has already begun to touch on this area, which allows developers to map out character reactions accurately. This will leave behind mannequin-like designs and introduce a new age of well-animated characters.
  • Natural light: With more and more slot developers aiming for naturalistic simulated environments for themes, lighting stands as a critical element on which to focus. In most cases, game designers use light sources and shadows that are baked onto the settings. The coming decade is likely to see software companies take significant gambles with architecture that learns and mimics ray tracing. That way, animations will simulate paths taken by actual light to come up with photorealistic models. 
  • Next-gen hair and fur rendering: The inclusion of human and animal characters in slot themes is nothing new. Most software developers admit that few things come close to being as challenging as rendering hair and fur. For the longest time, players have had to settle for blocky hair helmets. In some instances, slot providers have opted for carton or comical approaches to hair and fur treatment to avoid noticeable performance woes. Such hurdles are about to become a thing of the past with the availability of several propriety options like TressFX that allow developers to push fur and hair rendering.
  • Foliage rendering: With gamblers paying more and more attention to small game details, software developers are starting to incorporate realism in featured lush forest areas. Middleware solutions are becoming increasingly popular to help the game providers to make such additions without having to worry about rendering individual trees or blades of grass.


8K Displays

Most online gaming software developers both in the slots realm and beyond are a little cautious on whether to deem 8K as something to look forward to or not. Games delivered in 4K displays are often labeled jaw-dropping, especially in HDR. Also, the world is still getting used to the existence of the 4K content ecosystem with Netflix and other streaming services tabling content in the same. Nonetheless, 8K is predicted to redefine what we consider the apex format of image delivery, which makes it a likely revolution whether game developers want to embrace it or not. In the coming years, there is expected to be an increase in the mass production of 8K monitors and televisions. Therefore, slot graphics will follow suit with smoother appearances and higher frequency details.


Virtual Reality

The virtual reality renaissance has been underway since the nineties, but it has not been able to mature into a notable force in the gaming world. However, with large sums of money being pumped into the niche, the technology will likely take off in the next decade. It is common knowledge that virtual reality is the next fundamental step for gaming experiences, but slot providers have yet to tap into the right use of the tech to kick off a domino effect. Some software providers like Evoplay Entertainment have already invested in VR slots, and a lot more options are bound to follow, which will make the headsets a must-have within the next decade.


Cloud Supported Streaming

With the expanding world of contemporary graphics and animations, cloud streaming is the natural next step for all software developers to take. Some game providers continue to depend on traditional download games. In the past, the only limiting factor that supported the provision of download slots was the lack of reliable high-speed internet. Today’s era brings with it internet HD streaming that is widely exploited by services like HBO, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Most software providers also have a lot of their entertainment data up in the cloud such as:

  • NetEnt
  • Yggdrasil Gaming
  • Betsoft
  • Evolution Gaming
  • Genesis Gaming
  • Booongo

With internet speeds fast approaching gigabit levels globally, it is only a matter of time before almost all other firms make the leap too. This will allow all sets to be accessible in instant play mode without the need to install an application or flash player. This move will especially be pushed by the increasing demand for storage space that comes with improved graphics quality. With cloud gaming, one does not have to worry about losing storage space to slot games and casinos.

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Console-Quality Mobile Software and Hardware

While the video game realm has managed to leap towards console-quality specs on PCs and smartphones, slot games have yet to catch up. Even though powerful mobile gaming hardware is bound to get redundant in the long run, a lot of software firms are focusing on the improvements nonetheless. Until then, smartphones continue to be faster and more efficient than ever before.

In 2018, Apple introduced the A12 Bionic chip used in its latest flagship devices, making it the first seven-nanometer chip to be mass-produced. This step opened the doors for higher levels of performance with processing and graphics abilities that are far better than most entry and mid-level laptops. With time, they are bound to get as fast and radically efficient as gaming consoles such as PlayStation and Xbox. It is expected that software providers will exploit such power on tap to push the limits of slot graphics to table more entertainment.


Anti-Aliasing Techniques

The advancement of slot graphics is most likely also to continue building off developments that already exist. Post-processing AAA, which is used in most games that have motion, has evolved a lot in the past decade to see most developers leave behind Edge AA and FXAA. These advancements are considered a necessity to keep up with the rest of the gaming world, especially with the increase of deferred renderers. Video games like Red Dead Redemption II display the possibility of delivering jaggies-free images. This advancement is likely to crossover to the slot world to allow game developers to render beautiful images without polygon edges and other lines used in the designing process.


Procedural Generation

With slot games increasing their playable areas, such as different screens for varying game rounds, there will an increase in the use of procedural generation. The concept behind this technology allows slot designers to add details to games using algorithms that create decent approximations. This tech has existed since the eighties, but it has come a long way to be used for more than landscapes. The tech can also be applied to NPC dialogue.


Wrap Up

The slot industry has not sat still since it launched on the online platform, and the coming decade is expected to bring bigger and better advancements. The next couple of years will see most graphics elements break out of the uncanny valley to immerse players deeper into the games they play.

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