What You Can do If Your SD Card is Corrupted

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SD Cards

There are various types of host devices that use Secure Digital (SD) cards, including digital cameras, camcorders, video game consoles, portable GPS systems, etc. It is almost impossible to imagine a world without these durable and reliable products. These cards, just as other memory cards, can be corrupted as well. Despite the security of a digital card, corruption can occur at any time without being noticed, in the same time, we can also fix corrupted SD card.

If you can no longer access the data that is stored on your memory card, then you know that it has been damaged. Updating your backups is your best weapon in such situations. It is understandable, however, if there is no backup available to satisfy the data recovery needs. Technology has developed many innovations in support of SD card recovery.

In studies, many instances of corruption stem from the wrong use of a secure digital card. Data loss can be caused by negligence when handling a secure digital card. While you cannot predict exactly when an SD card will cease to function due to corruption, you can definitely minimize the possibility of it. Understanding the causes of corruption can equip you with the tools you need to keep corruption at bay without much effort.

Corrupt secure digital cards can be caused by the following reasons:

  • Switching off the digital camera/camcorder/another host device with the memory card still inside without first removing the memory card
  • When you are transferring data to a computer, abruptly removing your secure digital card from the card reader
  • In the case of a desktop or laptop, removing the secure digital card while its contents are open
  • A host device was unexpectedly shut down
  • Failure to properly format the SD card and other reasons

Most of these utilities are proficient in dealing with almost any type of data loss issue, not just corrupt data. The SD card recovery software can recover data regardless of whether it was deleted accidentally, formatted, or damaged by a read/write error.

These tools are read-only and don’t modify the original content, so they can be blindly trusted. Additionally, these SD card recovery tools feature easy-to-use interfaces that make them suitable for use even by novices.

It is capable of recovering multimedia files from any type of memory card (SD, SDHC, MMC, etc.) in almost every data loss scenario. Windows and Mac users can choose between two different versions of SD card recovery software.


Corrupt Memory Cards: What Causes Them

Among the many electronic devices that use memory cards are cameras, cell phones, and other devices. Storage of multimedia files is convenient, compact, and safe with these devices. When these cards are damaged, however, many people wonder how and what went wrong. Almost all of the corruption scenarios result in the inaccessibility of the stored data. A deleted picture recovery program can help you recover the data lost from a card if you have no backup. Understanding why cards are corrupted, however, can aid in preventing it.


It says ‘Memory Card Corrupt’

Thereafter, all of the files are inaccessible. In order to make the card usable again, one must format it. It is even more inconvenient for a user when there is no backup of the data on the card. After formatting, all the data will be wiped off. Everything that is going on has just one cause.


How can a Memory be corrupted?

A read-write process interruption is generally responsible for this corruption. Data is written to the card by the camera/cell phone using the writing process. Viewing pictures and other files from the card are done through the reading process. When the read-write process is interrupted in the middle of it, the file system on the card is damaged.


Read-write processes that are incomplete lead to what?

  1. Turning off a camera after taking pictures or recording videos, i.e. right after clicking the shutter, for example.
  2. Detaching a device (such as a computer, card reader, and camera) while data is being transferred or when the device is open.
  3. Altering content on the card while it is open on the computer system.
  4. Taking photos when the battery of the camera is nearly empty.
  5. Continuously taking photos, causing the camera to stall until it is done writing to the memory card.

In addition to the reasons listed above, memory cards can be corrupted for the following reasons:

  • As one example, an incorrect card format occurs when it is formatted in the camera instead of the computer, or a card formatted in another camera.
  • The second is. If the card is full, you can quickly shoot and delete files. (Some files may be overwritten in this case as well.)

A corrupt memory can only be salvaged by formatting it. Although it is commonly believed that once a memory card is formatted, all data stored on the card is permanently lost, the reality is that data can be recovered even after the card is formatted. The tool scans the formatted card to help users recover lost photos and other files.

Effective software for recovering deleted pictures from almost all cards (MMC, SD, XD, etc.) can be found on the market. Several common multimedia file formats can be recovered by the software, including GIF, RAW, JPEG, TIFF, and BMP. Neither Windows nor MacOS are required to run it.

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