What You Should Know About Casino Promotions

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In several parts of the world, casinos extend their generosity to players in the form of promotions. Just like several industries, the gambling industry also has competitive brands running it, and they devise strategies for that. As one of such competitive devices, casinos attract and turn several new players into loyal players using promotional offers.

As a result, players tend to focus on promotions that appeal to them, for instance, the free spins for slot game players. In this post, WeGamble takes a detailed look at the different things you should take note of when scouting for casino promotions.


Different Kinds of Casino Promotions

Casino promotions come in various formats depending on the casino, and they get even more interesting when you know them. These are discussed below.


Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is a promotional offer that is awarded to players to accept them as members of an online casino. Typically, welcome bonuses are the most popular kind of bonus you would find on the web. What this entails is that players are awarded cash back or free spins for simply registering an account with the casino.

Usually targeted at new players, winnings can be made and withdrawn as though the player staked his actual money. However, a welcome bonus is usually subject to wagering requirements that the player must fulfill to withdraw their earnings.


Free Spins Bonus

When it comes to online slot games, free spins bonuses are some of the most common bonuses that players get. It is a slots-specific bonus offered to players before or after depositing their first or subsequent cash on the casino. The standard varies from casino to casino, as some allow for a deposit before awarding free spins, while others don’t.

The casinos typically specify the slot games the bonus would apply to otherwise, the bonus wouldn’t apply. You’d mostly find this bonus on popular games with widespread following amongst players. This is because it is assumed that the players would probably know about such slot games.


No Deposit Bonus

No deposit bonus is another offer that’s hugely on the rise amongst casino providers. It is a promotional offer targeted at bringing in as many new players and giving them a place in the casino. As you might have guessed, you do not need to deposit a dime to qualify for this bonus.

Once you show a willingness to be a member by signing up and verifying your account on the casino. It helps you accustom yourself to the different interesting casino games offered at a casino, by exploring them properly.

Some casinos also use this offer to bring back inactive players by sending promotional emails to their emails. Depending on what your motives are, no deposit offers are a cool way to test your gameplay strength.


Match Bonus

A match bonus is an offer that requires a player to deposit a certain amount of money before they claim a certain cash bonus. This typically involves depositing cash on the casino to receive a certain percentage of it, which could be 50%, 100%, 200%, or more. Such bonuses might be presented as a “100% match bonus up to £100”.

This means that new or existing players would receive 100% of the amount they deposit but the maximum is £100. So even you deposit £1,000 the maximum match bonus you can win is still £100. Try to also check out the wagering requirements that might be attached to this bonus offer.


VIP and Loyalty Bonus

VIP and loyalty bonus is a promotional offer that is targeted at players who have a long-standing presence at a casino. The players must meet certain criteria that qualify them for the award of the offer. Such criteria might be on the basis of the duration spent on the casino or a certain minimum amount deposited.

Most casinos usually attach wagering requirements to this bonus, so you need to also pay attention to them.


What to Look Out For on Casino Promotions

Casino promotions can be very attractive but you have to understand how it goes before jumping at it. You have to simply pay more attention to these pointers before claiming any promotional offer by any online casino.


Wagering Requirements

This refers to the number of times you would play through a bonus offer before you can cash out your winnings. The reason behind this is that casinos comply with the anti-money laundering laws of their host nation. Therefore, you would have to comply with the wagering requirements to withdraw your earnings.

When a wagering requirement is attached to a game, you should be able to adjust your game to suit it.


Other Terms and Conditions

Most online casinos usually have the inherent terms and conditions that they operate within the usual course of business. Those terms and conditions are mostly found after the promotional info of a casino.

You really have to take your time to read through and understand these terms and conditions pretty well. With an understanding of the terms, you could easily decide whether or not to take up any promotions.


Check Out a Casinos Status

Online casinos are supposed to be licensed by their host country for them to offer games for gambling. This is one of the reasons for reduced gambling fraud in recent times. But this doesn’t take away the existence of some fraudulent gambling entities.

You really have to take meticulous efforts to ascertain whether or not a casino is licensed. If you’re not sure of this, you should avoid opting for any casino promotion.


Practice Good Bankroll Management    

Try to manage your money as diligently as possible when trying to meet your wagering requirement. Generally, playing can drain your funds or even award you more funds, that’s why you have to pay attention to your bankroll.  With good money management, you would navigate your way around the casino and not chase losses.

You have been able to go through the salient things to understand about casino promotions. Kindly ensure that you apply these points to any promotional offers you get from online casinos. In addition, ensure you play very responsibly.

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