What’s in the Box: Halo 5 Guardians Limited Edition Xbox Bundle – Video

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Halo 5 Guardians

The new Halo 5 Guardians limited edition Xbox bundle went up for pre-order last month and now Microsoft has released a new video explaining what we will receive from the bundle.

Microsoft’s Major Nelson and 343 Industries Josh Holmes give us a look at what is included in the new Halo 5 Guardians limited edition Xbox bundle.

For fans who are ready to dive in to Halo 5: Guardians but don’t have an Xbox One yet, you’ll want to check out the Limited Edition Xbox One Halo 5: Guardians Bundle available on October 20.

Inside the bundle is a 1TB, custom designed Xbox One with looks and sound inspired by Halo 5: Guardians – that includes the limited edition Halo 5: Guardians wireless controller inspired by Spartan Locke and UNSC technology. The bundle also includes a digital copy of Halo 5: Guardians along with all of the collectible items included with the Limited Edition plus access to the FOTUS-class armor, a fan favorite, and the Vanguard multiplayer emblem.

The new Halo 5 Guardians limited edition Xbox bundle will be released on the 20th October,

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