What’s Lemon8? TikTok Sister App Is Already A Hit

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In recent years, TikTok has taken the world by storm, becoming one of the most popular social media platforms out there. However, as concerns about privacy and data security continue to mount, many US lawmakers are discussing a potential ban on the app. In the midst of all this controversy, another app owned by TikTok’s parent company ByteDance is making waves – Lemon8.

Lemon8 is a video- and photo-sharing platform that takes a different approach from TikTok. Rather than a vertical-scrolling format, Lemon8 utilizes a Pinterest board-style format that allows users to share a diversity of content, including fashion, makeup, food, travel, homewares, pets, and more. The app has already gained significant traction, with over 5 million downloads in the Google Play store alone.

One of the unique features of Lemon8 is that its content is split into six topic tabs – Fashion, Beauty, Food, Wellness, Travel, and Home – in addition to a seventh tab called All. These tabs can be found across the top of the screen, and tapping into them allows users to view recommended and suggested posts. Posts on Lemon8 can be swipeable photo collections or TikTok-style videos, and some creators add text to their photos to label clothing or products, with some even including the price of the item in the text.

While Lemon8 shares some similarities with TikTok – such as Following and For You tabs – it also has a number of differences that set it apart. One of the most notable is the prevalence of influencer ads and product recommendations, which can make it difficult to distinguish between what is and isn’t sponsored content. Unlike TikTok, which typically marks sponsored content in the bottom-left corner of a video, Lemon8 does not always clearly identify sponsored content.

In terms of humor and entertainment, Lemon8 also differs from other apps. There aren’t a lot of memes or jokes on the platform, and those that do exist don’t seem to be catching on as much as on other apps. This could be because Lemon8 is still catching on in the US, or it could be that the app is intended to serve more as a guidebook for achieving a certain lifestyle or aesthetic rather than as an entertainment platform.

Lemon8 also places a greater emphasis on writing than some other apps. Post captions often include instructions for a recipe or a deeper breakdown of an outfit, providing users with more detailed information than they might find on other social media platforms. In addition, Lemon8 uses caption templates for fashion, shopping finds, beauty, food, and travel, allowing users to quickly format their posts and giving them an idea of what to caption their content.

Overall, Lemon8 offers a unique and engaging alternative to TikTok and other social media platforms. Whether you’re looking for fashion inspiration, makeup tutorials, or travel tips, you’re likely to find something of interest on this app. However, it’s important to be aware that much of the content on Lemon8 is sponsored and to approach recommendations and product reviews with a critical eye.

Lemon8 is a new app that has been generating buzz recently, with people expressing their thoughts and opinions about it. Many people seem to have a positive view of the app, with some likening it to a combination of Pinterest, Instagram and TikTok. Some TikTok creators have even called Lemon8 “Pinterest, but interactive.”

However, there are suspicions that some of the positivity surrounding the app may be artificially inflated. ZDNet reports that many TikTok posts about Lemon8 have described the app with similar language, leading some to believe that ByteDance, the Chinese tech company that owns Lemon8, may have paid these creators to promote the app.

These suspicions seem to be confirmed by some Lemon8 creators who have claimed that ByteDance paid them to post on the app. Two other creators have shown emails to Insider that outline the app’s payment structure.

Despite the suspicions surrounding the app’s promotion, Lemon8 is free to download, so anyone can try it out and decide for themselves whether it’s worth their time. However, it’s worth noting that the app’s posts are more instructional in nature, rather than memes or funny videos.


Who owns Lemon8?

As for who owns Lemon8, ByteDance is the company behind the app. ByteDance is positioning Lemon8 as an Instagram rival, as more users are said to be abandoning or using Instagram less. According to a leaked internal memo from Meta (formerly Facebook), Instagram engagement has been declining. ByteDance executives may be hoping to capitalize on this trend by giving Instagram users an alternative app in the form of Lemon8. Although Lemon8 was released globally in 2020, its recent growth may indicate that ByteDance’s gamble is paying off.

Lemon8’s privacy policy seems to be similar to those of many social media apps that collect personal information from their users. The policy states that Lemon8 collects this information in order to provide a better app experience for its users. Some of the information that the app collects includes users’ IP addresses and browsing history.

However, one part of the app’s privacy policy might raise concerns for users. Lemon8 states that the personal information collected from users may be stored on a server located outside of the country where they live. This means that users’ data could be stored in any of the company’s servers around the world. This is different from how Lemon8’s sister app TikTok stores some users’ data. TikTok stores US-based user data in Oracle servers, and the company’s CEO has stated that ByteDance employees in China can access this data, but with robust cybersecurity controls and authorization approval overseen by a US-based security team.

The question is, will the Restrict Act have any impact on Lemon8? The US Senate introduced a bill earlier this year called the Restrict Act. If passed, this bill would give the US Commerce Department the ability to ban or restrict apps from China, according to Politico. While the bill is a response to TikTok, it could also endanger apps like Lemon8. The potential impact of the Restrict Act on Lemon8 will depend on whether the app is deemed a threat to US national security or user privacy.

In conclusion, Lemon8’s privacy policy seems standard for social media apps, but the fact that the app stores user data on servers located outside the country where they live might raise concerns for some users. Whether or not the app will be impacted by the Restrict Act remains to be seen, but it is clear that the bill has the potential to affect apps beyond just TikTok.

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