When Real Life Becomes Virtual With The Oculus Quest

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Oculus Rift

The rise of popularity and growth in the VR industry over the last seven years is nothing short of astounding. In 2012 Oculus developers launched a Kickstarter campaign to turn the dream of VR headsets into a reality and with $2.4 million raised, the development of the first version went into production.

Two years later, Facebook acquired Oculus for a staggering $2.3 billion and by 2016 the consumer product was on the market. By June 2019 the Oculus Quest was out and over $5 million worth of content was sold in just two weeks.

So what makes consumers want to swap real life for Virtual Reality? There are plenty of reasons. Firstly the immersive experience is unparalleled. Instead of simply watching a horse race, you can ride in it. Think you have what it takes to take on a boxer – put it to the test. Fancy a ride on a rollercoaster, just hop on.

Oculus has a vast range of VR titles that are simply mind-blowing. Graphically, everything is on point to the extent where you almost suffer from sensory overload or even motion sickness. Simply put, you can think of almost any conceivable situation and transport yourself there. Flight simulations, concerts, first-person shooter games, even the ability to watch Netflix is all part of the Oculus Quest package.

So how have consumers responded to the upgraded Quest headset? At just under $400 for the 64GB version, it is a relatively expensive piece of kit but that didn’t stop sales of 180,000 units in the third quarter of 2019. That generated $72,000,000 for Facebook and contributed to the 43% increase (compared to 2018) in non-advertising revenue in the same period.

There are a number of additional benefits that Oculus Quest has over its predecessors. Firstly it is wireless so no getting tangled up in your sitting room when you’re trying to run away from a  zombie! You simply put the headset on, hold the controllers and you are good to go.

The standalone device is also free of additional pricey equipment requirements. According to Techradar, it is a real system for everyone. Adults can enjoy it and so can the kids. It can also adapt to any size room so while it’s better to have a decent amount of space around you when playing on it, it isn’t essential.

In terms of style and design, it gets full marks. The headset is comfortable with sturdy but soft velcro straps and a foam lining around the goggles. Yes, you will still get the imprint of it on your face if you play too long but when actually using it, it feels intuitive, unrestrictive, and lightweight.

And if all of that wasn’t enough to highlight the merits of the Oculus Quest, developers have brought out a new Star War series episode so now you can even duel with Darth Vader himself!

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