Where to Find a Safe Gambling Site

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Ever since the advent of technological development, many activities, and services that used to be provided physically now have an alternative of being provided online via the internet. Casino services are one of such activities that now have an option of being accessed by going to an online casino. Some offline slot games can even be played on mobile or desktop devices without an internet connection.

And since the inception of online gambling, there have been many platforms for online casinos available worldwide. Although having casinos that can be easily accessed online has its benefits, many players tend to run into many disreputable gaming sites, making finding the right casino a challenging journey for many online casino players. The mistake most players that use disreputable online casinos make is that they did not consider all the relevant criteria that they should have looked out for while making their choice.


Some Relevant Criteria to Choose a Gambling Site

Listed here are some relevant criteria that usually influence players’ choice when finding a casino:

  • The welcome bonus offered to new players by the platform;
  • The regular promotional bonuses offered to existing players;
  • Extensive game selection is available on the platform;
  • Availability in the country of residence;
  • Mobile compatibility;
  • Security and safety;
  • And many more….


Most importantly, the determinant factor that should ultimately influence your choice of which online gambling site to use is the casino’s safety. The safety of funds and private details is the most important criterion that many veterans consider when they make their choice.


Where Can I Find a Safe Gambling Site?

The most straightforward answer to this question is that you can find a safe casino online. Although ever since the advent of online gambling, some illegitimate gambling websites that have cheated many players have cropped up, making them feel that online casinos are not safe. It is understandable when players feel that online casinos are not safe due to their personal experiences. But it is very wrong to assume that all online gambling sites are not safe; this is because there are many more online casinos that are absolutely legal and completely safe and reliable.

All online casinos will claim that they are safe and that you can play games with them without worrying about your deposits and that you can withdraw your winnings when you request payment. It is now up to you to figure out a way to successfully identify the gambling sites that are safe from those that are not.


Identifying Unsafe Gambling Sites

Before talking about identifying the safe ones, let us talk about how to identify the unsafe ones. You can do this by conducting research and reading customer reviews of the particular gambling site. Some of the signs that an online casino is a disreputable site include:

  • When a casino changes its terms and conditions occasionally to help them rip off players, they are not safe to use.
  • Forcing bonuses on players (Bonuses always come with some requirements that such casinos take advantage of to force players to deposit even more money before they might have a chance of withdrawing such bonuses after winning in games).
  • Offering shady software providers and games.
  • Not being able to pay customers when they request for withdrawal.
  • Operating in jurisdictions that are supposed to be off-limits to them.


Ways to Identify Safe Gambling Sites


1. Casino License and Regulation

This is an obvious indicator of a legitimate or illegitimate online casino. If an establishment does not have a valid license, it automatically shows that it should not be trusted. Online casinos are licensed and regulated by gambling authorities to ensure that the customers are safe and secured when you play games on the platform. They also ensure fairness in the games that the gambling sites provide to you. It is also important to know that some licenses are not worth much because these licensing and regulatory bodies’ laws and regulations differ from each other. So, we advise that you only stick to casinos that have a license from the licensing authorities that have the strictest requirements like the UK Gambling Commission, Malta Gaming Authority, Gibraltar Gambling Commission, Curacao Egaming, and many more.


2. Fair and Regulated Casino Games

Whether a punter is playing a slot game, table game, or live casino, the casino should make use of a tool called Random Number Generator (RNG). It is software that generates random numbers; this means that whether you are on the reels, spinning a wheel, or dealing cards, the results are random and not in favor of you losing to the casino. So, before you choose an online gambling site, you must be sure they use a tamper-proof random number generator.


3. Third-Party Auditing

While the licensing and regulating authorities ensure that gambling sites meet the business and safety requirements of online casinos, third-party auditors are responsible for the casinos’ overall practices. Amongst other things, the third-party auditors focus on protecting players from exploitation, preventing fraudulent practices and underage gaming, protecting the security and privacy of players’ information. Ensure the casino you eventually choose is subjected to third-party auditing by standard internationally accepted Third-party groups, such as eCOGRA & iTech Labs.


4. Secured Payment and Withdrawal Options

A reliable online casino will offer various widely accepted currencies and payment methods on their platform; the more they offer, the better. Online casinos that offer a very low maximum withdrawal limit to prevent heavy rollers from withdrawing too often and a very high minimum withdrawal limit to prevent cautious players from cashing out are not completely trustworthy. Reliable and safe gambling sites can process cashouts within a reasonable time frame and have a history of making consistent payments.


5. Active and Responsive Customer Support

A safe and reliable gambling site will have a customer care system where players can talk about any issues or challenges they face on the platform. And they will respond with a constructive and logical response that adheres to the site’s standard terms and conditions.


6. Customers Review of the Gambling Site

Naturally, every online casino will have some unhappy customers who will post negative reviews about the platforms. But when there is an apparent trend of customer complaints and negative reviews about the platform, it becomes clear that something must not be right about the gambling site.

You can still use many more criteria to access a gambling site’s safety and security, but with the ones we have listed here, you can always distinguish the safe platforms from the unsafe ones.


Example of Some Safe Gambling Sites

Some examples of highly rated safe gambling websites that have been tested and found to be safe and reliable include: 

  • Jackpot City Casino
  • Europa
  • Betway
  • LeoVegas 

Many players don’t trust online gambling because when they lose their funds due to certain discrepancies, it is incredibly difficult to hold someone responsible. It is why using a reliable and trustworthy gambling site to play casino games online will go a long way in giving you pleasant gaming experience. You won’t have to worry about the security of your private details, and most importantly, about the safety of your funds. Ensure that you do a proper vetting when you are looking for a gambling site to play games.

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