Where To Get The Cheapest Xbox One X in 2019? From DrakeMall Mystery Boxes!

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Xbox One X

The gaming industry continues to produce amazing video games every year, which gives us unrivaled gaming experiences in different genres of video games. Microsoft produced industry fastest 4K gaming console which is called Xbox One X it offers 4K and brilliant HDR gaming to console gamers and its specs are quite impressive as well, and it is unparalleled to the other consoles in the market. I have to say it is quite expensive of a console but playing 4K games like Red  Dead Redemption 2 and Halo on it is an experience on its own.

You can have Xbox One X from Drakemall mystery box where you can get the chance to have a cheapest Xbox One X and even get a chance to get Xbox One X for $35, It is a website where you can get almost free stuff through the mystery boxes on Drakemall you can open virtual cases to buy real prizes. Get gadgets, esports items, sports stuff, toys, video games, and other products which are trending right now and all that much cheaper!

You can check what’s inside our cases before you even open them, and this is not it, they will deliver whatever you obtain wherever you want it to be delivered! There is also an option in which when you win a prize, you can even sell it and buy at its cost some other item that you want to have. The site regularly updates the list of items, the most common question is, Is DrakeMall safe and the answer to that is, it is quite safe and it uses credible payment systems and data protection protocols.

Steph Curry Xbox One X Bundle 

Ways to get Xbox One X for the lowest price

There are some ways that you can use to get the most powerful console for the lowest price, Firstly, there is Black Friday you always find better deals on the sales that day you might get it for less or even get it with some cool games or a free controller but for that, you have to wait for the Black Friday to happen, Secondly, It is Christmas deals I found some really cool deals this Christmas on Xbox One X and games but I doubt you will find such deals now and then there are mystery box, which you can win from somewhere or find it on a website, this thing may vary from time to time so can’t point you towards that direction and if you are lucky enough some relative or a nice grandmother give you a gift card for your Birthday or on Christmas, and lastly, you can always check the retail giants websites for updated offers and gaming bundles, which happens quite often and you might land some very favorable deal.

Wait for the special deals and sales

You should always check for offers on websites where you compare a cheaper Xbox One X. The most famous stores give very attractive offers on the console ranging from discounts, some extra items or games with the package and ever some additional items for purchase, right now you can buy Xbox One X with Fallout 76 for $399 at Walmart.

However, getting an offer for a particular product that you wanted to buy in is usually a very time consuming and uncertain process, and some sites help the search by assembling the best offers from the internet, these may change from time to time and the price may remain quite high. , even after all the cool discounts.

Xbox One X

Purchase Used/Secondhand Console

One of the more affordable ways to get a cheaper console is to buy it secondhand from someone, Who is not satisfied with the console or wanted to switch on the PS4, there are some people who are simply selling it because they are in need of money. By buying secondhand you can get the console at a very affordable rate, you can even negotiate on the price if the seller is willing to offer a lower price.

This plan does not satisfy many consumers because a used Xbox One X could be seriously damaged or have some kind of fault which you will deal with it later. It is also important to arrange the sale with the owner, bargain a price, set a meeting point or way of change, and expose yourself to a potential scam.

Even if all goes well, it may come with broken parts that you must buy individually, I am not scaring you but trying to tell you all the pros and cons before you get into the secondhand market because face it there are plenty of scammers out there.

Win It On Drakemall

There is one another possible free alternative that could get you an Xbox One X for free from Drakemall, a way to get items that are becoming quite famous now. If you are lucky you can win an Xbox One X for a ridiculous price, almost free. You can always buy from Drakemall but there is another fun way of getting and that is winning the console completely free. I have to admit I have tried my luck on the website but instead of getting Xbox I am getting all sorts of other stuff by opening the cases, but I didn’t give up, yet, will do the review of it later.

Drakemall? What is it?

To shorten it out for you, Drakemall is a website where you have to get registered and it is a quite simple process, then you have to funds to your account and then you have to play and try your luck to win the prizes, which is vary from $5 to $300, or even more, are you feeling lucky?

The list of mystery boxes is very quite large and comparable to what you would have a normal store, including home furnishings, devices, peripherals, kid’s toys, sets of clothes, cutlery and video game-related items and this is why we are interested in this service.

How to win Xbox One X from mystery box on DrakeMall

You can buy mystery boxes at DrakeMall and they may contain a mixture of random products, a very common element is video games. When you open the mystery boxes you will begin to roll a roulette wheel it and you will wait whatever it will land on, despite the price of the product.

There are cases that contain Xbox One X in it, which you can get by spending only $5 or less if you’re lucky, but if you are not so lucky to get the console the first time, you still win something. For example, the Gamer Case has excellent and expensive prizes, All you have to do is buy the box the one you are interested in and try your luck as many times as you wish. Plus you can always buy it from the website for regular price.

You can find a mystery box classified by items that include the products that you are looking for the most, such as the gaming console or the games itself, which involve much more charming items for our young gamers and gadgets enthusiast, you can have this and more at DrakeMall.

The website even gives you the possibility of inspecting the contents of the boxes to guarantee that the item you are looking for is in the box before you get to buy them, and the rest your luck holds.

Check out the video below, where one lucky winner is unboxing his Xbox One X:

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