Which 75% Keyboard Kit to Get? – A Full Guide

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75% refers to such keyboards that have a compact layout. They are about 70 to 75% of the width of a full-size keyboard. However, they retain the F key row at the top. Now, you must have got what it is!

70% of keywords come with excellent built quality with a metal frame. Better than the above-mentioned. It has thin borders with attractive color combinations. Also, its design of it is astonishing.

On any older model laptop, you can see 75% Keyboards. They have an additional row on the right of the Enter Key. The Numpad is not available on the 75% keyboards. You may have seen this before.

To get 75% keyboards, first, you must be acquainted with the specific keyboards. You should know about its features and quality. You should know layouts to understand them in a better way. It will help you to work faster with such keyboards.


Layouts: Ergo, Split, and Ortho

It is essential to mention the layouts of the Keyboards. You may see that regular keyboards generally come as one-part, rectangular, but other variations avail.


  • Ergo Keyboards

Ergo Keyboards minimize typing-related strains. They ensure relief to the users who are already suffering from injuries. If you are suffering from any pains, you must opt for such keyboards. It will make your work easy and faster. Ergo keyboard layouts are comfortable while working. You can use it on your lap if you are getting tired by continuously working like a robot.


  • Split Keyboards 

Split Keyboards refer to those Keyboards that have spacing just in the center of the Keyboards. A split keyboard is similar to ergo keyboards. However, its structure is not the same. It is perfect for people who love to keep their typing in the center.


  • Ortho keyboards

Ortho keyboards are also known as matrix layouts which have no staggering.



As custom cases making is costly. Therefore, the makers keep their focus, especially on cases. They sell cases to those customers who can customize them. Cases are ordered on the following basis, such as the size of the Keyboard or layouts. Many customers create wooden cases for their existing keyboards. Cases design entirely depends on the individual choice. As per your choice, you can pluck any one of them.



There are two types of PCBs. They include Solder and Hot-Swap.

In the Solder PCBs user has to solder every individual switch. PCB supports some switches, whereas a steel mountain plate is available with better keyboards to support the switches. The solder version provides each switch an excellent sturdy space on the Printed circuit board (PCB). It is pretty enjoyable.

Hot-Swap PCBs are considerably effortless to make. It doesn’t require anything that requires Solder PCBs. The users just need to pop the switches, and that’s it. If you are a beginner, you must go with these PCBs. Hot-Swap PCBs are more manageable than the first one.

Underglow lighting is not available on solder PCBs. If you intend your keycaps to light up, you can’t. In contrast, a hot-swap PCB supports the in-switch lighting as it has LED on top of it. When the slider moves, it will light up.



Users spend enough time and energy on switches. Switches are under the keycaps. When you press down on the key, you push down just on the slider. The slider is placed between the two metal contact leaves. When the slider moves down, it permits the two metal parts to complete the circuit.

If the question arises of which switch you should choose, some essential terms you need to understand. They include:

  • Actuation: It is while the switch – goes from on to off. It occurs before the switch is completely off. Generally, switches show the amount of force required to get to the actuation point.


  • Linear: You do not have to understand any technical terms here. However, a smooth, quiet, and consistent fee can be seen throughout the keystroke.


  • Travel: Travel elaborates on the vertical motion of a key. For example – distance, how far, etc. The actuation occurs almost halfway. When a switch travels 3-4mm, the actuation occurs at 1.5-2mm.


  • Tactile: Tactile switches come with a ‘bump’ when someone presses the key.

Cherry MX switches are the most popular category of switches. They are available in various colors for varying styles. So you’ll get many options. According to your preference, you can select any one of them. Additionally, you can decide between the colors and sizes. This way, you can match the colors with your desktop, walls, rooms, and other things. In case you love the combination kinds of stuff. It’s our suggestion. You can also get any other switches if you feel they are better than this recommended brand.


Lubes and film

‘Lubes and film’ only is the way to make your switches smoother. It also makes your typing experience better with a lighter rattle.

Filming is the process in which a small piece of plastic or rubber is placed between the upper and lower part of the housing. It lowers the wobble and improves the sound and feel. As Lubing associates using a lubricant and applying it on parts of the switches. Some switches have factory lubes.

You can prepare your custom keyboards by following the above-mentioned terms. However, configurations and parts may change as every individual has different needs. If you are a person who loves to play games, your needs will be different and vice versa. So make your selection and prepare the best keyboard at your convenience.

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