Which CS:GO Skin Firstly Appeared in the Game?

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CS:GO is an online shooter with various player interaction elements, making it one of the most popular games worldwide. The players enjoy the unique online mode structure, regularly added events, various paid and free missions, etc. The appearance of CS:GO skin entirely changed the gamer’s perception of the shooter, and somebody even started playing it to get the rarest items.

Since 2014 different collections of cheap and expensive items have appeared. The first CS:GO skin began an endless race, which involved a community of millions of players worldwide. The most devoted game fans started looking for different methods to acquire the items, play with them, and trade to get others more exciting and relevant. Therefore, let’s find out what skin built up the specific game cult and created a new purpose for downloading CS:GO?

CSGO skins

How did the Skins Appear?

In 2014 game developers understood that adding new design elements to CS:GO would make it more exciting and attract more players. Therefore, they created an update, “Arms Deal”, released on August 13-14th. It brought a unique game element, which no one expected – the skins. The decorative weapon models became something new and extraordinary, so practically every player started trying to get them.

CS:GO skin allowed players to have a new colorful gun model and view it by pressing a specific hotkey. One more thing that differentiated the game from other shooters was that the weapons were passively used to shoot in the right part of the screen. One more interesting fact is that the developers wanted to make the skin’s float value decrease – the player gets the factory new skin, which becomes battle-scarred after some time. However, such an idea wasn’t implemented.

The majority of the first skin collections added to the game correspond to the names of the competitive mode maps.

CSGO Skins

They were the following:

  • Dust.
  • Vertigo.
  • Office.
  • Nuke.
  • Militia.
  • Inferno.
  • Aztec.
  • Assault.
  • Arms Deal.
  • eSports 2013.

The primary collections included many items that appeared at one time. Let’s find out the best and the most exciting of them.


Best 5 First CS:GO Skins

Somebody doubts that the first skins looked monotonous and weren’t worth the player’s attention. However, most primary items cost more than the newly added ones nowadays.


Desert Eagle “Blaze”

The first skin for the famous pistol was exciting but straightforward. The gun was decorated with an orange flash of fire on the barrel. The skin belongs to the restricted quality, and primarily its price was no more than $20. Nowadays, it costs more than $450.


M4A4 “Faded Zebra”

It is a standard CS:GO skin for M4A4, which is decorated with many gray stripes. Unfortunately, the players didn’t love the item because of the lack of brightness. The actual price is $25 for the factory new quality.


M249 “Blizzard Marbleized”

One more old CS:GO skin can be rarely met in matchmaking due to 2 reasons – low popularity of the weapon and commonness of the skin. However, the price for the factory new variant is high and reaches $90.


MP9 “Bulldozer”

The skin from the Assault collection costs $20-$400 for different item’s qualities and is considered one of the rarest skins for SMGs. The MP9 is entirely covered with yellow paint and looks exciting.


Glock-18 “Dragon Tattoo”

The CS:GO skin for Glock-18 can be met sometimes in the hands of many devoted fans of the game. The purple-quality item’s price is approximately $50-60, and it is considered one of the best old skins for pistols.

Overall, the first CS:GO skins differed from the modern ones and looked less attractive. However, many players find them exciting and even want to decorate their favorite guns with them nowadays.

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