Which is the Best Cryptocurrency for Investment? You Should Know About it

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Do you want to invest in bitcoins this year? It’s not easy to select one cryptocurrency out of 5000 cryptocurrencies available. Here we are providing the list of leading bitcoins where you can invest in 2020. Before selecting, you should be aware of the reasons for investing in electronic money.


Reasons for investing in bitcoins?

Many can argue that bitcoins are the longer term of finance and maybe that the future is a few years away and it’s by no means a crazy statement to create. As compared to traditional flat money the electronic money provides many benefits like lower fees, transparency, and faster transaction speed. While looking at the electronic currency from the investor’s viewpoint you must think “why to invest in bitcoins?”


There are 5 reasons for investment in bitcoins that are 

  • Amount: The minimum barriers of investing are removed by investing partially which thus everybody can buy bitcoins.
  • Liquidity: you can trade, buy or cash out assets anytime as the crypto agencies are open 24*7.
  • Transparency: Investors can avail the benefit of transparency as they can access any transaction as blockchain records all the transactions which are available to everyone.
  • Diversification: Risk can be minimized as a large number of cryptocurrencies available allows you to change your portfolio.
  • Lower fees: as compared to traditional currency investment, digital currencies charge lower fees.


Which Cryptocurrency to Invest In?

As now understand the benefits of digital money let’s have an eye over the best cryptocurrencies available where you can invest in 2020. The cryptocurrencies are listed on the basis of their capability of long-term growth in the future.


Bitcoin (BTC)

The world’s most popular digital currency, thus the list of best digital currencies cannot begin with other than bitcoin. The reputation of this cryptocurrency is itself the benefit among the other cryptocurrencies available. The investors are benefited from the advantage of high liquidity as this electronic currency dominates the cryptocurrency market. Bitcoins have always shown constant growth even in the time of market uncertainty. The public is expecting that bitcoins will approach new historic peaks with bitcoin halving 2020. If you are interested in bitcoin trading visit Green Profit


Litecoin (LTC)

Another form of digital currency that cannot be neglected in 2020. When it comes to payments the litecoin is known for its high speed and low cost among all the cryptocurrencies. Market capitalization has put this electronic currency on the number 3 among other cryptocurrencies. Litecoin is known for its capability at a low-price level as compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, the two cryptocurrencies which are above Litecoin. It provides an opportunity for a large number of investors to invest as Litecoin trades for less than $100.

Like ripple, the litecoin cost depends upon its acceptance and for its supporters, litecoin is considered to be on a favorable path for them. Recently South Korea by collaborating with MeconCash will be introducing Litecoin in the Automated Teller Machine (ATM).


Ripple (XRP)

The market capitalization ranked this cryptocurrency on the third number but it’s ranked as second in our list. This digital currency is one of the promising investments of all. Its solid techniques and network are speedily providing new possibilities in the field of world trade, paying methods, and banking. Remittance giant MoneyGram for using the blockchain technology for the payments received $11 million from Ripple in 2019. The corporation wrote in a press release “the cash transfer company being the primary to use the blockchain facilities is further continuing to expand business with Ripple”. Azimo the European cash transfer company also declared to begin using ripple in February 2020 to avail the advantage of demand liquidity to enhance the speed of customer transfers.

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