white Xbox One consoles

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white Xbox One consoles

Bad time not to be a Microsoft Employee !

Limited Edition white Xbox One consoles Will be given free to the Microsoft employees

Staff-only white console offered free to full-time employees; Major Nelson says white systems may release in the future.

Employees at Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business (IEB) will each receive a limited-edition white Xbox One this year, according to a post on Reddit.

The Xbox One Employee Ship Gift includes a white console, with matching Xbox One controller, black Kinect unit, one year of Xbox Live Gold access, all first-party games, and an unspecified bonus achievement. The packs will be provided free to full-time staff working for the division in December this year. A small line of text next to the console’s optical drive says, “I made this. Launch team 2013.”

Asked by posters whether a white version of the system will ever be sold to consumers, Xbox director of programming Larry “Major Nelson” Hyrb responded, “maybe waaaay in the future”.


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