Who Is The Best Hero in Mobile Legends?

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Mobile Legends

You’ll see many Mobile Legends tips across the internet as gamers take on monthly challenges and compete against each other for the leaderboards. One of the most often asked questions among fans is who the best hero in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is. With such a star-studded selection to choose from between six classes, it can be daunting for beginners and veterans.

However, we think you’ll enjoy the following cast of fighters.


The Best Hero In Mobile Legends Per Class

Before we break into song about the best hero in Mobile Legends for each class, we need to explain the relevance. Every month, there’s a new tier list that appears. Over time, heroes change in their significance based on their skills in connection to the current season.

Overall, we feel you can’t go wrong with these heroes.


Best Hero Assassin: Benedetta

Bernadette is the best hero in Mobile Legends if you’re looking for excellent dash abilities and mobility. Many gamers take her into online professional leagues for this reason.


Best Hero Fighter: Chou

Chou is a versatile, powerful fighter that’s seen the top-of-tier leagues for several months now. His prowess in crowd control, dash, and knock-up is remarkable. Players use him in team fights to immobilize the opponent while the others attack.


Best Hero Mage: Esmeralda

Esmerelda has some tank skills, but she features as one of the best hero mages in Mobile Legends. While shielding herself during matches with her magic, she can charge and deal massive damage.


Best Hero Marksman: Claude

Another hero that’s been ranked at the top of tiers for a long time is Claude. His marksman skills are powerful and impressive, with the ability to teleport while stealing an opponent’s attack speed.


Best Hero Support: Angela

Angela is truly one of our favorites, as she offers phenomenal support to her teammates. She supplies buffs to power up her allies, while she can also heal and supply crowd-control effects.


Best Hero Tank: Uranus

Finally, we look to Uranus as the best tank for the season. His sustain level is so high that it’s challenging to kill him. He also has an excellent wave-clearing ability to aid in team fights.


Head into the fight with the right hero!

Mobile Legends has quickly become popular among mobile gamers, and we don’t blame you if you want to get started. We hope this quick guide has helped you pick the best hero in Mobile Legends.

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