Who Said You Can’t Make Money Playing Video Games?

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With a high probability, we can say that we all want nothing more from life than being paid for doing what we are passionate about or at least enjoy performing day in and day out. Many of us like playing games, and to be able to receive payment for doing so would be a dream come true. As our luck would have it, and as the entertainment industry continues to grow, there are ways to make it happen, on many levels of effectiveness.

To be successful at earning money that way can also mean a lot of things. For some, it could be as simple as pocketing a little bit of cash on the side while pursuing their regular career every day. Others might expect to emerge themselves entirely in the gaming world. In the first scenario, it turns out, there are quite a few opportunities to make a buck. Many portals and websites offer small rewards for playing Flash-based or mobile games, especially for completing specific challenges or objectives, either alone or in tournament mode. Much like services in a similar manner, they give you prizes for filling out surveys, watching videos and ads, and searching the internet while performing minor tasks. Naturally, no real wealth is to be gained that way, but on the upside, it’s easy and might pay off in the long run.

The more cost-effective approach to using your leisure time for an extra source of income would be to take advantage of your talents and skills. Among the top online games, people often buy interesting items from each other. Having a knack for designing beautiful interiors or flashy skins for other players can be worth a while. One example is the alternate reality called Second Life where the Sim-like surroundings became a unique market for exchanging virtual goods and services. You can trade clothes and furniture, sell real estate, and propose activities for users. Anything that brings value and attracts people will work. Even creating some sort of digital business is possible here.

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As it usually happens, increased riches await those who are willing to take a little bit more risk than the rest. This is where recreational or professional betting activities come into play. Backing your favorite athlete or team could be as rewarding as it is exciting. Then, of course, there is the sort of entertainment that casinos offer: card games like blackjack and poker, roulette slot machines. The idea behind those isn’t too complicated, but their unique features and eye-catching graphics distinguish one from the other significantly. With plenty of options to choose from, the frequent updates on the best ones will help you to pick the most fun and visually attractive propositions. If the fortune strikes, there is significant money to be made, especially when encountering progressive jackpots.

In light of all that, there should be little doubt about the fact that the iGaming industry is on the rise, with both companies and customers generating significant revenues and making more opportunities possible. One example is the relatively new occupation of a professional athletes in the field of electronic sports. This branch seems to have tremendous potential that should be even more influential in the future. While designers, developers, and executives are bound to get rich on this, there is a piece of the pie for those who are good at games, too. Players competing on the highest levels can be a part of something big and make a name for themselves, being admired by millions of viewers in the process. Attending prestigious tournaments and coming on top of these events will result in money and fame. Plus, the top players can count on lucrative marketing deals and additional money from advertising. If this isn’t the ultimate gamer’s paradise, I don’t know what is.

As for the rest of us, apart from watching from afar and envying the esports heroes, we can look for a different kind of work that still is close to the sun. It can be fun to participate in events in these other roles: coordinators, managers, volunteers, marketing executives, analysts, and journalists. Although it isn’t easy, there are careers to be established in providing valuable content via streaming sites, blogs, and YouTube channels. In this case, the sky is the limit.

With the business growing, there are increasing opportunities to make a decent living without abandoning the passion for games. It will require a fair amount of determination and hard work, but some dreams are worth the fight. More importantly, for those of us who have been consistently harassed about video games not being a purposeful activity, the success stories give hope and inspiration.

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