Why Board Games Are Good For You?

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Board Games

In today’s world, we are surrounded by technology. Video games have acquired a significant place in our life. It is stated that video games increase our cognitive function and grey matter development in the brain. But video games are equally harmful; they consist of violence, wars, fighting, and many more. Do you want or enjoy violence? You need to get that explained before you play video games. Currently, board games are taking a turn and developing a place in our life again. Compared to video games they are less controversial.

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Before going into detail about the benefits of playing board games let us tell you a bit about what are Board games?

Board games involve movements of counters or other objects around aboard. There’s a pre-marked position on the board when you place these counters or objects. There are some set rules of the game. The game of chess can be traced back to millennia, and checkers are even older. Interesting right! Check here for the oldest board game.

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Let’s get into details about board games benefits and why it is right for you?

Board games are played by anyone irrespective of age. Typically kids cherish it. Board games have been in existence since the dawn of civilization. They do entertain you, and also they provide active competition. One of the best things about these games is they build a very healthy relationship with parents. In this current scenario, parents keep busy with their work but playing board games after a hectic day can refresh them mentally, and if you play with kids then you on top get time to spend time with them and vice versa. There are more benefits related to board games. Please find them below:


  1. Keep you happy and free: Playing board games helps you to laugh. Endorphins are the chemicals that make you happy, and it is released exclusively when you smile. You feel free when you laugh. When you laugh with others, you tend to promote compassion, trust, and empathy with others.


  1. Family Time: We all have become machines like robots. We don’t laugh; we don’t talk, we don’t sit with our kids and spend time. The sole thing that we do is wake up from the bed, get ready for office, taking up all the work at the office, and in the late evening, we come home with the tension about the unfinished works. This gives us stress, and as a result, we shout on our family members. At this point, the board game is a boom for us. It helps us to develop a bond with our family member and allow us time to spend with them even after the hectic schedule. The happiness of playing these board games makes us free from work stress and allows us to invest quality family time.


  1. Improve in memory formation and cognitive functions: Allowing our kids to play board games helps them to stay away from video games. It improves the cognitive function of the brain because every step of the board games allows them to engage their mind thinking about what should be the following step. This exercise also helps them to increase kid’s memory power. Even this game is beneficial for people in their older age. It helps them to retain and build cognitive associations.


  1. Mental risk reduction: Playing board games keeps you at bay from Alzheimer’s and Dementia. When you play, this game means you are keeping your brain engaged which means you are exercising it.


  1. Speed up your responses: Engaging in these games regularly can help you from finding your keys or glasses in the entire house. You may find it where you kept it as it helps your brain to work more efficiently.


These are some health benefits of playing board games. So please plan your weekend with your kids to play with them. Keep your stress at bay and get this happy therapy. Make life happier.

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