Why Buying a Smartphone Just Makes Perfect Sense

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iPhone 8 And iPhone 8 Plus

The excitement you feel when you first buy your smartphone is almost ineffable. As the salesperson describes the various icons, colorful, quixotic, and mysterious, it’s hard not to want to grab it out of her hand. You nod, trying to keep track of the technical details, but the vocabulary rings in your ears like the bewildering jangle of an exotic language.

Still, you have faith: you know once it’s yours that you’ll figure it all out through trial and error, mastering each cryptic symbol and entering into each virtual world with uncanny precision as soon as you get back in the car. Naturally, after the credit card purchase, and now that it’s yours, you’ll begin stabbing at the virtual buttons, with each successful tap rewarded with a soft plop or other delicate, synthesized sound.

Sooner or later (preferably sooner), you’ll realize that the smartphone, say, an iPhone 8 is a delicate thing. Should it ever slip out of your fingers or back hip pocket and bounce against the unforgiving pavement, it might shatter with a tinkle. To preempt this heartbreaking misfortune, you’ll quickly assign yourself a mission to hunt down the perfect protective case, perhaps zeroing in on iPhone 8 cases from BodyGuardz.

Although we all get used to beautiful things, the thrill of having stepped up to the 21st century with your shiny new device, snapping up a piece of the magic of modern technology to enhance your personal and professional life, lasts a little longer.

Smartphones have become an integral part of our lives because they can do so many things for us. Here is a short list of some of the wonders you’ll experience when you join the billions of people who proudly own one of these pocket-sized computers:


You’ll Become A Global Networker

There used to be a time when long-distance calls were prohibitively expensive. And there used to be a time when you hardly knew anyone outside your own national borders, leave alone someone on another continent from an unknown culture. Now, with Facebook, you’re likely to count people from far countries among your closest friends and discover that calling them is as simple as using VoIP apps like WhatsApp or Skype on your phone. Who knows, you might even sprinkle some phrases in French, German, Italian, or Swahili during water cooler conversations at work.


You’ll Get Fitter and Faster

If you haven’t exercised as much as you know you should, it’s often because exercise can be sweaty, awkward, and boring. Running, unless you happen to be one of those fleet-footed people naturally gifted to move like a gazelle, is often considered a particularly mind-numbing way to get back in shape. One way to make running your new best friend is to use Zombies, a fitness app that uses an audiobook narrative to help make running into something of an imaginative adventure, one where you become a fictional character in your own life trying to survive a Zombie apocalypse.


You’ll Notice Life’s Ephemeral Beauty

If you’re like most people, you think of photography as interesting, but not something you care to learn more about. While you may have awkwardly handled a camera for a family holiday photo shoot, you probably never thought of yourself as an amateur photographer, someone whose hobby develops into a keen eye for the enigmatic or beautiful aspects of our world. But all this will change after you acquire a smartphone.  You’ll find yourself noticing interesting things that you can digitize into images and share on Instagram or Snapchat. You’ll also start noticing flowering trees, metropolitan skylines, and exquisite sunsets. In fact, you might even become fluent in geek-speak about your camera’s aperture, the surface area of pixels, or the significance of sensor size.


You’ll Become A Video Chronicler of Cuteness

One thing that you’ll find it increasingly hard to resist will be the impulse to whip out your smartphone to shoot a video of your cat doing something disarmingly cute, your dog misbehaving, or your child being especially naughty. Over time, you’ll develop an eye for quirky things worth sharing.

Will a smartphone change your life? Perhaps. There’s a distinct possibility that you won’t be the same person anymore.  For some people, grabbing a smartphone has the same exhilarating effect as donning a red cape.


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