Why Children Should Be Banned From Playing Video Games 

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Video games can be a good pastime for kids. With parental control and government intervention, appropriate games have immense benefits to children. Due to some benefits, their future endeavors will also be impacted. Various studies have confirmed their usefulness to children. Technology has provided various options to help the kids develop different skills and therefore, children should not be banned from playing video games.


Benefits of Video Games 

Research-Backed Benefits 

Several studies justify the importance of video games. For example, the Pew Research Centre carried out a study which showed that they enhance children’s connection with others. From ESA’s (Entertainment Software Association) studies, youth violence has declined despite video games’ prevalence.

From various research studies, they positively affect mental development. In a different study, they also jumpstart kids’ interest in reading and writing because of the writings displayed as they play.

According to a study by M. Nielson and T. Morgan, violent games do not affect prosocial behavior. These researchers from an Australian university proved that children should not be banned from playing video games.


Social Skills 

Multi-player games enhance social skills because children will have constant communication hence making more friends. Many players prefer playing together than alone. As a result, they develop interpersonal skills that will help them to succeed in their future careers and social life.

Children will also learn teamwork. According to different studies, players are likely to meet hence ameliorating social interaction. They will also build their self-esteem.


Independent Thinking 

By playing, independent thinking is improved because children will make decisions based on their observations, analysis, and activity. This develops children’s self-esteem because of self-directed activities and victory. Sometimes, they will have to customize characters and express themselves creatively.



Computers are important tools for modern and most likely future society; the only exception may be a modification, but based on various benefits, when they are well regulated, they will have more benefits. Children have to indulge in various activities involving computers because everything evolves including these activities. As Victor Hugo said, “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come”.



Leadership skills also abound in multi-player competitions. Some online games have guilds (special-interest groups) that require one to follow a process before joining. The structures of the guilds in corporate leadership roles that are similar to real-life companies. Those that include real co-players will help children to practice leadership skills like mediation and coordinating various activities.


Source of Income 

In the US, the sale of video games generates annual revenue of about 21 billion dollars. It contributes to a country’s economic growth because of taxes accrued from sales. Apart from video game creators, other people also earn from the industry; for example, video games’ content writers. For instance, content writers can craft compelling papers or essays on video games or other themes.

Writers’ tasks will improve their skills as well as players’ grammar skills when they read the content. These can benefit students who may also require research papers on various topics; they can order research papers from an online writing service like Australia PapersOwl to benefit from customized papers for them. Due to insight into the video games and other fields, the writers craft outstanding papers and earn. Both the game creators and writers also benefit from a flexible work schedule: part-time or full time.


Reduce Patients’ Pain 

Medically, video games lessen pain in patients by averting the brain’s concentration to them. Some universities are studying them to discover treatments of some diseases like schizophrenia. By playing, higher cortical systems will produce an analgesic response that lessens pain. People with autism can benefit from the resultant social interaction.



Some form a pastime for kids who may have otherwise engaged in destructive activities such as drug abuse. Many kids like competing for fun and winning ameliorates their experience.


Interest in History 

History enthusiasts can benefit from games that incorporate historical events. In addition, games like Age of Empire can spark the children’s interest in history.


Acquisition of Important Skills 

  • Children can acquire skills that can be useful in real sports outdoors. They may also acquire other skills like coding and perception. Some indulge in real sports once they learn about them.
  • Enhances decisiveness. Different scenarios and instructions will force players to make timely decisions.
  • Problem-solving skills are imperative for players to advance in a game.
  • Improves the focus of a player for him/her to meet the preset goals and progress. Multi-tasking is inevitable because of the time limits, game progression, and other features that require a player’s focus.



From various findings, it is evident that children should not be banned from playing video games. Many benefits are associated with different games, but more important is that the decision is timely. Parental control and government regulation are imperative to ensure censorship and benefits to children. The focus should be on improving and supporting the industry to ensure that game creators and consumers are mutually beneficial.


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