Why do you need a LoL smurf account

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League of Legends

Why do you need a smurf account

When you start to play League of Legends, you can’t instantly play ranked games which means you might not improve as much as you want since normal games are mostly awful.

Leveling up in League of Legends has always taken a while, especially when you are close to level 30. Many solutions exist to quickly skip this long and useless, like to buy an unranked account.


Advantages of buying an unranked account

An unranked LoL account is very useful and many situations. First, when you start playing ranked on it, its matchmaking rating is fresh which means that you can reach your real rank quite fast whether it is your main account or not.

If your real rank is Diamond, then you can do a huge win streak and get your division back in just a week. Therefore, playing in a lower division could help you to do all your tests: playing on another lane, trying a completely different role or anything else that can improve your knowledge about League of Legends. Finally, having two LoL account is more secure than only having one because if one of your accounts is suspended, you can always play the game on the other one.


Look at different websites

Many services are selling LoL accounts, but some of them are doing it more seriously and more safely. This is what you need to compare. Some less more expensive than others, but might get your account banned if the player who used this account before trolled, flamed, or already got warnings for any other reason. You might want to also check if the mail address linked to it can be modified or not, because if you aren’t able to change the password, then it’s not safe at all. Moreover, finding a smurf with Blue essences on it can help you unlock whatever needed (new emotes or icons)



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