Why Employees Using Personal Phones is Dangerous For Your Business

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Pretty much everyone has a smartphone these days.

And with more employees working remotely and needing access to mobile devices, it can be tempting to just let them use their personal phones for the business.

After all, why pay for dedicated business phones when employees already have their own devices?

But while you might think it’s cheaper and easier to let employees just use their own phones, that’s not always the case.

Plus, from a security standpoint, it can be extremely dangerous to let your employees use their own phones for business – especially if they’re dealing with sensitive business information and working remotely.


Business phones can actually work out cheaper

It’s a misconception that letting employees bring their own devices for work saves the company money.

Phone service providers usually offer business contracts that you can tailor to your company’s needs, and these often come with bulk discounts.

On top of the lower upfront costs, your business saves money by having ultimate control over the device types and data plans, as well as insurance coverage.

There’s less cause for concern about employees breaking devices and being out of action waiting for repairs.

There’s also the fact that registering a phone under your business name means you can claim the phone expenses as tax relief.


Personal phones are less secure and less private

Using your personal phone for work means giving out your personal phone number.

Would you really be willing to let everyone you work with, potential third parties, or even complete strangers have access to your personal number?

Using your personal number for business opens you up to unwanted cold calls and people contacting you outside of business hours.

Commercial phones designed for personal use also don’t come with the level of security you’d need to keep your business information protected.

Do your personal device and the apps you use on it encrypt sensitive information, or are you putting your business at risk?

Phones for business are obviously designed with data security in mind and offer safer software options.


Business phones help to maintain a healthy work-life balance

Mobile devices make working on the go and working from home easier, but they can make the line between working hours and personal life murky.

It’s difficult enough to maintain boundaries between work and home when more people than ever are having to work remotely.

If you use your personal phone for work and colleagues and clients have access to your personal number, there isn’t really a way to turn that off when you’re done for the day.

Not being able to switch off in the evenings or on weekends and holidays can eventually take a toll on your mental health.

Having a separate phone for business is ideal for keeping in touch when you need to and set it aside when you’re off the clock.

You won’t have to deal with constant business notifications when you aren’t even working, and there’s less risk of missing important messages if they aren’t mixed in with your personal ones.


Personal phones limit your future options

We’ve already talked about the concerns that come with giving out your personal number, but using a personal phone can cause more complications as your company expands.

You’ll inevitably run into difficulties down the line if you decide to switch to a business phone and have to change your details on everything from service registrations to promotional materials.

And if your business grows to the point you need a virtual assistant answering service and you’re still using your personal phone, will you want to install this on your personal device?

Will it even work if it’s not designed to differentiate between business and personal communications?

In the end, using your personal number just causes a lot of problems, including annoying extra admin.


Why get a separate phone for business?

Overall, using a business phone for work offers lower expenses and better security than using a personal phone.

Business phones are also more flexible because it’s easier to scale business phone plans as a company gets bigger or smaller over time.

Possibly the biggest benefit of separate business phones for companies and employees alike is that it keeps a barrier between business and personal lives, maintaining effective work communication and boosting mental health.

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