Why Games As A Service Products Are Beneficial

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Recently gamers could buy the desired game for the fixed price and play it until the completion, and then repeat if they wanted. Today’s interests in gaming companies have shifted towards another type of revenue-generating model. The rise of SaaS has unveiled plenty of new opportunities to get money from the same game on a regular basis.

Thus, the GaaS (games as a service) games have appeared. This type of running gaming business implies providing customers with high-quality games and gaining profits from them regularly. Users commonly get these games free of charge and then invest in updating it by adding new features, specifications, and other types of downloadable content. GaaS providers also have other kinds of monetization, ensuring getting revenues constantly.


How To Moteize Titles Based on Games As A Service Model

The games as a service business model works in many ways to bring value to the publishers. To succeed companies should leverage specific corporate systems for targeting the audience, making predictions based on gathered data, configure various monetization techniques. Let’s find out what these techniques are:

In-game purchases – As we mentioned, these may anything from downloadable content: new features, clothes, weapons, other specifications for boosting character.

In-game promotion – Placing ads inside apps is an effective way to earn extra money from your games. Ensure the ads aren’t pushy, distracting, and too excessive.

Subscription – Involves purchasing monthly, or yearly access to a game. In addition, you get part or all the new content for free.

Digital season pass – Users can buy seasonal passes, that provide them with all new content for boosting the game. It’s a convenient way to get all content gamers may wish automatically, instead of buying separate items.

Loot boxes – Special boxes inside the game that offer additional powers, treasures, weapons, and so on. Users choose the box randomly, buy them, and then redeem the content.


Why Is Games As A Service Model Beneficial?

With the ubiquitous popularity of games as a service title, we decided to pick the most evident advantages of playing this type of game:

  •  Plays based Games as a service are mostly accessible for free anytime and from any device, mustn’t be installed or downloaded.
  •  Comfortably played online these games are affordable for everyone, even for those not having the latest hardware.
  •  Through online, many users can play together, compete, or team up. This results in more players’ engagement.
  •  If you feel your game is outdated, you can power it up at any moment: just find the appropriate content, purchase it, or get it as a reward after watching the ad.
  •  These games often provide some prizes for free, which can be an additional motivation for players.

The multiple surveys show that people like GaaS plays, as they are f2p, are easy to start, offer a lot of extra features, and last almost forever. Business executives who think over launching the gaming project should consider the benefits of GaaS games and start their initiatives immediately.

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