Why is Computer Security so important?

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Computer Security

Lately, the subject of computer security or cybersecurity is on everyone’s lips. Several cyberattacks, like last month’s, have put companies’ security in check and have questioned all the cybersecurity systems they use. Organizations are not only exposed to great economic losses but on many occasions, they are also exposed to significant data and information losses. By computer security, we understand the process by which companies try to protect the privacy, security, and integrity of the information and data contained in their computer systems.


Importance of computer security in companies

Currently, we are experiencing several episodes of cyber attacks on companies. These cyberattacks not only affect clients or investors of said companies but may even affect the national or regional security of the different states as well as the company itself.

If a company wants to be competitive in these times, it must have agile ICT systems, resources and platforms and a high level of availability, which requires effective management and a broad process of digital transformation. The process of digital transformation in which most organizations and society, in general, are immersed, allows attacks against the computer security of companies from anywhere in the world to be committed using only one computer as a tool. This is why organizations have to pay special attention to protect themselves from possible eventual attacks since nobody is safe from malware.


Recommendations for having a secure Computer System

In order to be considered secure, a company’s computer system must be complete and confidential (accessible only to authorized persons), irrefutable (the actions carried out cannot be denied) and have good availability (stable and available over time).


The following points are suggested by specialists to avoid cyber attacks:

Outsource services: not having as many assets reduces the risk of attacks.
User training: train users of computer security systems in cybersecurity.
Keep the software updated.
Pay attention to passwords.
Perform software audits.
Possibility of hiring cyber insurance.


How should companies act after receiving a cyber attack?

When an organization’s computer systems are attacked by malware, a recovery process by the organization’s computer systems begins, which is very difficult to achieve. It is a difficult process since it is very complicated to investigate what has really happened, what are the causes that this attack may have penetrated our computer systems. This cyberattack can be investigated, but time and money must be invested as it involves many costs. The best practice for organizations is to reinstall everything again and restore the critical files from the backup.

However, if an organization has taken the measures described above, it would not have to receive a computer attack, although currently, no private or public organization is exempt from risks in its computer security.

Computer security is one of the basic pillars of organizations, constituting a fundamental part of the success of companies. For this reason, we always recommend InfinitiKloud which will allow you to achieve such computer security. Thank you for reading and good luck!


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