Why is User Interface so Important in Mobile App Design?

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User Interface

To say that mobile apps are a big deal is like saying Darth Vader could use a little work on his people skills – a massive understatement. It is thought that there are now 2.6 million Android apps in existence and 2.2 million iOS ones that users can choose from. For businesses, they give an extra way to connect with consumers and drive increased revenues and sales. For you to choose an app to download as a consumer though, the user interface it has is an important element. Pretty much all sectors in business have now come to understand that fact.

Online gambling sites are a great example of this and have mobile apps that have superb user interfaces. Betfair is a big name that has put a lot of work into the interface of its mobile app. It makes it easy to enter any promo codes for Betfair casino NJ you may have or to find the exact game you want to play.

But why is the user interface of any app you download so vital?


Pure, unadulterated enjoyment 

One reason that the user interface is so important to any app you download is that it makes it much more enjoyable to use if it is user-friendly. For you as a consumer, that makes perfect sense. After all, wouldn’t you rather use an app that has common sense navigation and makes it easy to do what you want? For businesses, this is a crucial reason to invest in the design of the interface of their apps. They are well aware that if they do not do so they may end up with an app that is frustrating to use. The result of that is that people will soon delete it from their devices, and it will pick up poor reviews.


The app needs to look good 

Humans are visual animals and how an app looks will influence how much it appeals to a potential downloader. A well-thought-out user interface helps greatly. From the typography to the button placements and layout, UI has a major influence in this sphere. An app design that takes this into account will impress you much more and make you want to use it more frequently than one that falls short in this area.


Helps with showcasing content 

Although many apps exist for an actual purpose such as booking a train ticket, many will also be a resource for information or are apps developed for fun. Popular examples include sports apps that may carry recent results, league tables, and breaking stories on a certain sport or league. Effective UI helps to make it easier for you to find the content you require and to, therefore, make the app achieve its primary aim. It also helps to boost the authority of a business with the public by highlighting key content which those accessing the app will value.


Better results with less effort 

When you are using an app on your smartphone, you do not want to have to click lots of buttons to do what you need. An app with an outstanding user interface avoids that and makes it a more efficient tool to use. This is especially true if you use social media apps where the interfaces used really impact on how convenient they are. Put simply, an app with a poor UI will be more long-winded to use.


Word of mouth effect 

One key role that UI plays for mobile apps is how likely you are to tell your friends about it. A great app that is easy and fun to use is something you are more likely to recommend to your social circle. On the other hand, an app which is confusing to use is not. This point is of major interest to the people creating the apps as they rely on the word of mouth effect to boost an app’s popularity. In effect, it is a quick and free form of marketing for them as you do all the work!


UI is vital for your apps 

For many people who like to use mobile apps, the user interface is not something they think about very much. In many ways, that is a good sign for the developers as it means they have done their job well. User interface quality is worth considering though so you can keep an eye out for the best ones and only download apps that deliver a great UI. You will find those apps are much more enjoyable to use.


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