Why Should Gamers Exploit Digital Marketing? Influencer and Brand Guide: 2023

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Traditional marketing techniques no longer have the reach they used to, whilst the digital marketing techniques necessary to engage with your target audience in gaming are evolving all the time. In this quick guide, we’ve broken down the 5 major types of digital marketing you should familiarise yourself with, as well as the 7 top benefits both content creators and brands can enjoy by mastering the art of digital marketing.


5 Types of Digital Marketing for Gamers and the Gaming Industry

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making your streaming channel, website, social pages, and campaign articles as easily accessible as possible, to as many people as possible, by optimizing them for search engines like Google to find.

To do so, make sure you research relevant keywords for your niche and include these in your bios and any other copy. Also make sure whatever you write or produce is original, insightful, helpful, factual, and formatted so that it’s kind to the eye. All of these things will help you rank higher on SERPs (search engine results pages).

Social Media Campaigns

Any gamer looking to make it as a content creator and influencer in the gaming industry should absolutely be exploiting social media marketing. One of the key processes of digital marketing is called funneling, which is where you essentially drive your target audience – with some carefully curated posts – toward engaging with you and your brand. In order to drive up your CCVs and stats on streaming platforms like Twitch, we would 100% recommend building a solid presence on non-gaming-centric social media platforms (like Instagram and TikTok) at the same time.

Content Marketing

As a gamer, or a brand looking to engage with gaming audiences, content is king. You know this already, of course, but what you might not realise is the value of sharing other people’s UGC (user-generated content). Gaming has always been about community, and remains so to this day. The most successful brands in gaming, as well as individual creators, are those who recognise, respect, and engage with the community around them. Share posts, articles, tweets, and clips from other influencers and individuals whose style you like and who you’d like to engage with more. Your audience will respect it, and will begin to see you as a source of useful and interesting information and content, outside of the stuff you produce on your own.

Video Marketing

Gaming, by its very nature, is in essence video. As streamers, we share live videos of ourselves playing our favourite games and watch the videos of others. It is important to go further than this, however, in order to master digital marketing and enjoy all of the benefits which we’ll come to talk about in just a moment. Make sure to capitalise on the funniest, most epic and iconic moments of each stream by clipping them and sharing them elsewhere, on YouTube, Twitch, Instagram and TikTok (whilst employing your newfound SEO skills to get the content seen by as many people as possible).

Influencer Marketing

That’s you! Or, if you’re a brand marketer reading this, that’s who you want to contact! Many of us hold the erroneous belief that an influencer is a celebrity or social media star with tens, or even hundreds of thousands of followers, who can exert “influence” over their audience. Truth is, however, that we’re all influencers. We influence the decisions and opinions of our friends and families. The digital gaming community and digital marketing come into play when we monetize these micro circles of influence, by using our platforms as gamers to advertise a particular product or service to our followers (even if they only number in the few dozen!).


Top 7 Benefits of Digital Marketing for Gamers and the Gaming Industry

You’ve learned a little about the types of digital marketing techniques you should employ, here’s a look at why you should exploit them. We’ve broken these top 7 benefits of digital marketing into two categories: gamers, and brands.


Diversifies Your Content Portfolio

Content, video and social media marketing all help you to broaden the spectrum of content you create around your niche in the gaming industry. Diversifying your content portfolio is advantageous for a number of reasons:

  • Increases your number of potential income streams, thus making your influencer income more reliable
  • Shows your audience that you are an authority on your niche subject or gaming genre, so that they trust your word more
  • Keeps your job (or hobby) interesting and exciting so that you stay more engaged and thus ultimately produce higher quality content

Keeps You Relevant

The Industry of Influence is very young, digitally-speaking at least. As such, it can be volatile, and gamer influencers who soar to the top of the Twitch charts and start making megabucks can fall out of favour just as quickly. Thus, it’s a really good idea not to put all your eggs in one basket, as they say. Instead, spread your tendrils as far and wide as possible through effective digital marketing, and stay relevant to your growing audience.

Helps Potential Fans Find Your Stream More Easily

SEO and a strong grasp of quality digital marketing will push you toward the top of the pile when it comes to search engines, trending lists, and suggested streams for users to watch. By exploiting digital marketing, you’ll begin to make more of a name for yourself and – if you can ride that wave – you’ll watch your fanbase steadily grow alongside your income.

Can Help Kickstart Your Influencer Career

It is now possible for gaming content creators and streamers to engage with brand campaigns and start making money even with micro-influencer-sized followings. Nevertheless, if you want to turn your passion into a fully-fledged career, you’ll need to know how to market yourself online, which is exactly where digital marketing comes in.

Brands and Digital Marketers

Extends Reach Directly to Target Demographic

Traditional marketing outlets like newspaper and radio ads are still effective means of reaching those aged 50 and over. However, if you want to reach younger generations – better yet, if you want to reach a very specific target demographic – then you’ll need to exploit digital marketing in the gaming industry. Almost 40% of the entire world’s population are gamers and about 15% are regular game content viewers. For brands, this means that micro- to mega-influencers in gaming offer untapped access to just about any consumer demographic you need to reach.

Gamer Influencers Get Higher Conversion Rates

People trust other people long before they learn to trust a brand, a corporation, or even a brand spokesperson. This is exactly why influencer marketing is so effective, and why micro-influencer marketing (utilising influencers with loyal audiences of 100-1,000 consumers) is moreso even still.

Followers and viewers of gamer influencers feel an affinity toward the person they follow, and as such are more likely to convert on a sponsored ad segment, click an affiliate link, or buy similar merchandise to that which the gamer is wearing, when the marketing comes from the influencer and not the brand.

Gaming Marketing Campaigns Are Flexible and Affordable

Traditional marketing requires a high investment for uncertain return. You might be surprised to learn that this model is reversed in the gaming industry. With literally millions of budding micro- to macro-influencers out there trying to monetize their hobby, as a brand you can tap into their audience for very little investment, and quantifiable return. Whilst it’s important to compensate influencers fairly, you can run an effective influencer marketing campaign in gaming on a tight budget. Tips include:

  • Target micro-influencers
  • Offer free products or services in exchange for reviews during a stream
  • Find influencers already talking about your brand
  • Join a sliding-scale gaming and eSports marketing agency


It’s Easy for Any Brand or Creator to Exploit Digital Marketing

We’ve given you the tools you need to teach yourself all there is to know about effective digital marketing. However, it’s not necessary for you to do all the work yourself. There are dedicated digital marketing agencies out there who are experts in the gaming and eSports niche. Mindfuture is just such an agency.

With over 14 years of experience in streamer management, gaming, events, sports marketing, and esports advertising, the team at Mindfuture do all the hard work for you: connecting brands with the influencers (both big and small) who can help roll-out marketing campaigns to specific demographics. In return, the brand achieves its goals whilst the gamer content creator makes some money and develops their influencer career.

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