Why Should You Learn More About Ingramer?

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Have you ever heard about Ingramer? If not, you definitely need to spend 3 minutes of your life and read about it.

Let me guess. If you are reading this text on this page, you are interested in promoting your account on Instagram. Am I right? Then you are lucky, as you have found just an appropriate article to learn more about the most effective promotional tool that you could ever imagine.

Instagram promotion: what it presupposes

Before we proceed precisely to the ways of your account promotion, it is very important to point out one important detail. Though all accounts are unique and have their individual peculiarities and specificity, in general, promotional techniques and tools are very similar (practically the same). 

That’s why there is no difference whether you are a cool lifestyle or travel blogger, a talented photographer or an artist, a model or a designer, an owner of an awesome brand or a manager of a corporate account, this article will be an ideal one for you.

When you come to Instagram to promote a brand or to develop a personal blog, you definitely have a final aim to earn money. But what should you do to achieve this goal?  The main thing that you need to do is to gain followers who will either directly (via sales) or indirectly (via advertising) bring you money.

Yes, when we speak about popularity on Instagram we speak about gaining followers. That’s why the main thing that you should try to do is to win the hearts of other Ingrammers and persuade them to come to your page and stay there.

The core issue that you should care about in this very case is the quality of the content that you offer them.

You should create posts that can be referred to at least one of the categories enumerated below:

  • interesting posts (entertaining);
  • useful posts;
  • inspirational posts;
  • motivational posts;
  • aesthetically valuable posts.

Yes, the content plays an enormously significant role in your chances to attract followers. But can you imagine the level of competition on the Instagram platform? Today there are a little bit less than 300 million users of the app worldwide. Consequently, there are extremely high chances just to get lost in the total amount of other accounts.

How can your potential followers notice you?

There are a couple of tactics that will help other Instagrammers get familiarized with your activity but now we will focus our attention on the core one.

To make people at least see your publications, you should start building interaction with your potential followers on your own. It is possible to do via starting following them, liking their publications and leaving comments on their publications.

If you have ever tried to do it, you know how exhausting and time-consuming it could be. Moreover, if you are too active, Instagram can block your account just because under the platform’s rules high activity is considered to be suspicious.

In general, sometimes it may seem that to promote an IG account is practically impossible today due to the severe competition and strict Instagram rules.

Nevertheless, it’s not so if you know about Ingramer.

What is so special about Ingramer?

The main benefit of this service is that it can help you to perform a huge part of technical work for you. While you will be working with such issues as content creation, business strategy development, direct communication with your audience and other things that require your direct involvement, your account will be gradually moving to the top.

Ingramer is an IG bot that is created to provide you with all the necessary assistance in the promotion.

All you need to do is just to set up a targeted promo campaign with all the necessary filters (it can be done just in a couple of clicks) and enjoy the results.

Among its main advantages we should mention:

  • Targeted campaigns. The bot will establish interaction with those users who can potentially be interested in joining the rows of your followers. For example, it could be those people who follow your competitors, who make posts in some concrete locations, who use some particular hashtags or like publications with them.
  • No risks. This bot works strictly within the approved limits! Say no to temporary blockage!
  • No efforts from your side. Just a couple of clicks and everything will be ready. Even the statistical data will be available for your after each promo. Doesn’t it sound like an ideal tool?

Of course, it’s not the full list of advantages but just an enumeration of the key ones. Want to learn more? But as they say, it’s better to see once than to hear one hundred times. Maybe it’s high time to start?


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