Why the Betting Industry is the Key to Success for eSports

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We have seen eSports grow rapidly over the past decade, with more tournaments, bigger name players, more money, and more spectators watching along that we have ever seen before.

However, there is a real argument that eSports only appeals to gamers, either those who play or those interested enough to watch. A look at the latest PC game reviews will see that many could be used in eSports, but away from gamers, how many people know about these games and the competitions played?

With no broad appeal, eSports will always struggle to break into the mainstream and really make the mark it is hoping to.

For this to happen, the industry needs to attract people who are not gamers, and the way to do that is to appeal to another group. The best bet for this may be to continue links and push further with the betting industry, one that has already started to have a good relationship with eSports.

These two seemingly get on well, but what does the future hold?


How Betting Can Help eSports

As already mentioned, the way for eSports to become something bigger than we see right now and to have mainstream support is to attract people other than gamers. The best way of doing this is to act like any other sport and find sports fans.

Many sports fans are gamblers, and this is where the bookmakers out there can come in and help. They already offer odds on eSports events, and cover more battles now than we have ever seen.

On top of that, we have live eSports streaming via some bookmakers and welcome offers that can be used by new players such as receive your stake back as a free bet.

Everything mentioned here will really appeal to gamblers, even those who have never seen an eSports event in their life. Being able to watch live is great for gamblers, as are betting offers and a large range of events to bet on.

The stronger that the bookmakers make their eSports service, the more chance we have of people becoming fans.


Could We See the Betting Industry Fund Big Events?

This is certainly possible, and whichever bookmaker decided that this was the right thing to do would put themselves on a great platform as they would be seen as the number one eSports bookmaker.

If a bookmaker is prepared to put money into eSports and sponsor a big event such as the Fortnite World Cup, or something similar, then they are going to spend heavily on promoting this to their customers.

When this happens, some people may tune in that normally wouldn’t and this is where eSports needs to be ready and waiting to convert these people across to being fans.

On top of that, of course, this would be great for whatever competition was sponsored and money would be pumped in for all of those who are competing in it.


What Does the Betting Industry Get from This?

Let’s not pretend that the betting industry is doing all of this to help eSports, they are of course hoping to better their own service and make more money themselves.

What we are seeing recently is bookmakers moving away from traditional sports to try other things. From eSports to political betting and even TV show betting, bookmakers are trying to find a new market of their own which they can promote to.

The industry is hugely competitive and a breakthrough in a new market is worth a lot of money, which is why bookmakers are happy to chance their luck with eSports.


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