Why The Whole World Is Obsessed With Vampires

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For centuries, in various parts of the world, there have been sightings and reports of these immortal creatures inhabiting the darkness of the night, preying on their next victim to feast on its flesh. From folklore and mythology, vampires have now become a big part of pop culture.

Everything about vampires is captivating. We’ve seen them in novels, movies, television series, video games, anime series, you name it!

But what exactly makes these creatures so interesting to us? Let’s have a look.


What’s all this fascination with Vampires?

Well, we don’t know how exactly to answer this. Oh wait, actually, we do. Because VAMPIRES ARE AWESOME, that’s why!

For years, there have been many writings about why as humans we feel this compulsion towards these mythical creatures. Even the Huffington Post has written about it! Some of the reasons mentioned are because they’re dangerously attractive with their sharp looks and pointed fangs and because they’re extremely selfish and fearless. Bottom line is, vampires are pretty much the epitome of badass.

Yet, perhaps, one of the main reasons why people are so obsessed with vampires is because there’s no better love story than a forbidden one. Yes, it’s been done a million times, but it has pretty much worked out every time (or almost).

Whether it’s a movie, series or video game, there’s always a complicated love story in which the protagonist is either a human who has fallen in love with a vampire or vice versa. Sometimes, things even get a little bit more complicated with love triangles!

Vampire Love Stories

Vampire Love Stories in Movies & TV Series

From The Count of Dracula to Underworld, to Twilight and The Vampire Diaries, there has always been an intriguing love story. Yes, there are other things that make these movies/shows fascinating, like Damon’s obscene and irrational behavior, but let’s be honest with each other now, what really makes us glue our faces to the screen is the love part.

Take Lucian and Sonja. Don’t tell me that it didn’t strike a chord when after all they’ve gone through to be together, Sonja ends up dying by exposure to sunlight by her father’s hand, right in front of Lucian who is changed and helpless to do anything. Even remembering about this scene, my eyes start to water.

Vampire Love Stories in Games

Vampire Love Stories in Games

Although the love story is not exactly the focus of these games, we have got to admit that they’re a pretty big part of them nonetheless. Obviously, the sick graphics of these games and the non-stop action is what sells it to us, but even game developers know and understand that they can get much more out of their players by appealing to their emotions. Everything’s always better with an intriguing plot, even in games!

One of the best vampire games at the moment is Castlevania: Lords of Shadow. The game follows a complex storyline with Gabriel, the protagonist, setting off on a quest to resurrect his recently dead wife. When he arrives before Camilla, the queen of vampires, at first she tries to seduce him into forgetting about his wife, but when Gabriel refuses, she attacks. In the end, Gabriel kills her and many other vampires and continues his quest.

The vampire theme is also used in slot games, like Microgaming’s Immortal Romance for instance. The game is as eerie as it gets with its dark background, high pointed iron gates, winged gargoyle, red thorny roses, and sinister background music. But the bonus is that it also has an intricate storyline and a complicated love story.

The game features four characters with detailed backstories. There’s the powerful witch Amber, the bad vampire Troy, the good vampire Michael and the “human” Sarah. It’s kind of like an Elena/Stefan/Damon/Bonnie scenario, with the exception that Troy isn’t madly in love with Sarah, like Damon is with Elena.

Michael’s in love with Sarah, but Troy believes she’s harboring a dark secret and wants to protect Michael from her. Meanwhile, Amber is Sarah’s childhood friend and wants to protect her from Michael, but Troy is getting is kind of getting in the way because he’s interested in her.

Oh, and by the way, if you were wondering why we put the word human in inverted commas, that’s not a mistake. The game tells us that unbeknownst to herself, Sarah is actually not a human. (This part kind of reminds me of Yuuki in the Vampire Knight anime series).

Man, can you believe this is a game? This should be turned into a series or something.

Closing Thoughts

For some reason, we just cannot get enough of vampires, and it doesn’t seem like we will anytime soon either. There’s just something about these blood-sucking creatures that make us want to get turned into a vampire.

Even if we might cringe at the thought of another vampire movie, with the frail human falling in love with a dangerous and attractive vampire, we still know we’re somehow going to end up watching it because it’s just too damn bewitching.


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