Why You Need To Upgrade Your Business Voicemail System

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As times change, it’s essential to keep up with technologically or risk being left behind and outperformed by your competition. Whether you’re looking to improve your customer service, to save your operating costs, or to become more organized and efficient in your business, making use of an online voicemail service is the best choice. Let’s explore some of the features that make it so useful.


Features of An Online Voicemail System

1.Call Forwarding

The benefits of call forwarding are apparent. By selecting a service that allows you to make use of your current equipment and phone numbers, you’ll save plenty of hassle and money. Forwarding schedules can be customized, and you can enjoy unlimited talking minutes.


2.Text Messaging

This feature is particularly useful to maintain communication with clients and keep them organized. With text-to-email notifications and mobile app integration, you’ll be connected from the palm of your hand, wherever you go. You’ll also significantly reduce administration errors, where customers aren’t called back, or information is misplaced.



By routing calls to the correct departments or people, you’ll reduce the need for reception staff, improve service, and reduce time. Online voicemail service allows you to create a custom prompt with up to ten useful menu options.

You can also decide the maximum time a caller will stay on hold or whether to direct them straight to voicemail. Other features, like selecting which phones will receive calls and what music you’d like to play, if any, are also customizable.



You’ll have the option to create unlimited extensions for each team member and send calls to any phone number or voicemail. Custom audio recording allows callers to hear important information, and company directories can be created to help callers find the right department.



With online voicemail to email service, an audio file is automatically generated and emailed after each call. The service makes sure that the relevant department receives notifications in real-time, and additional mailboxes can be added at any time to each extension, menu option, or phone number.

Files can be stored and accessed as easily as emails. The results are easily managed misunderstandings and more preparation before making calls, amongst a host of other benefits. Logging onto your online account dashboard allows you to view, play, and sort through your entire history at any time.


6.Mobile Apps

The service can be used on Android and IOS mobile phones via the app. This includes making outgoing calls, sending and receiving text messages, and managing business voicemail on the go. Your smartphone is effectively a business line when you’d like it to be, and you’ll be in full control of notifications, or lack thereof, for when you’d prefer not to be disturbed.


7.Live Call Transfer

This feature works with absolutely any phone and is available as a blind or attended transfer. The system is easy to use and can be tailored to meet the requirements of every business.



These are just some of the features of an excellent voicemail system. It’s worth doing some research to find the best system out there for your business.



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