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Gaming Table

Full immersion in the virtual gaming space requires certain conditions and comfort. This task can be completed by purchasing special gaming computer tables that will accommodate all of the necessary equipment so that you can immerse yourself in virtual adventures. Which features should one look for in a gaming station?

The computer desk for gamers has an ergonomic design (sometimes angular). It is often a sit-stand gaming desk, that can accommodate many different gadgets such as one or two monitors, joysticks, steering wheels, pedals, speaker system, system unit, and the like.

Another distinguishing feature of a gamer’s table is the slide-out compartment for the keyboard and mouse; however, due to the increased stress on the hands in an unnatural position, more and more manufacturers are abandoning this idea recently. often, manufacturers offer a trapezoidal cut, which allows you to comfortably position your hands and avoid fatigue.


Does Desk Matter For Gaming?

Gaming tables can be divided into three main types:

  • Straight;
  • Corner;


Straight Gaming Tables

This type of table is in many ways similar to conventional computer tables, with the exception of a brighter and more aggressive appearance, and many additional functional elements.

Corner Gaming Tables

As the name implies, such tables are built into the corner of the room, making the most of the available usable space. This design favourably distinguishes corner tables with a large working surface, due to the depth of the product.


Combined Gaming Tables

Combo tables are a combination of corner recessed pieces and straight tabletops to accommodate gaming peripherals and office stationery.


How To Choose An Ideal Gaming Desk

Having decided to purchase a gaming computer desk, you need to think through several aspects in advance.



First of all, you need to determine the future location of the table. This is one of the key aspects that will determine how comfortable your time at the computer will be. The table should be located in that part of the room where the direct rays of the sun do not fall during the daytime.



The second thing you should pay attention to is the dimensions of the computer desk. The future design should fit well into the overall interior. It should not block access to other furniture or occupy most of the room. Therefore, before buying, having already decided on the future location of the structure, measure the space.

There are some generally accepted standards. For example, the width of the tabletop should be at least 47 inches, and the depth at least 31 inches, to place the monitor at a safe distance for the gamer’s eyes. The height of the table starts at 29 inches but depends to a greater extent on the height of the user, and some tables provide for height adjustment.



Typically, exceptionally thick tabletops are used for computer gaming tables. The entire structure is covered with special materials that create a coating with heat and moisture-resistant properties.

Taking care of the health of its user, gaming tables have a matte finish. Gloss works well with lighting effects, but glare/reflections create additional strain on the eyes. In this regard, a matte surface is an optimal solution.


Functionality And Design

These two criteria depend on the preferences and financial expectations of each person.

The simplest models can only have a place for a system unit with a good ventilation system, a dedicated shelf for a monitor, various shelves and holders for wires, cable channels, and more.

Some models of gaming tables belong to the category of transformers and are equipped with a retractable structure that allows you to increase or decrease the area of the working surface at the request of the user.

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